DevConnections Does Data

DevConnections, coming November 5-7, is just around the corner. Maybe you want to gamble a little, or see what strange things Carrot Top may be doing lately. But while you there; don't forget to checkout some of the data access track presentations.

A Data Access Track -hmmm
Recognizing that regardless of what technology you may use at the top of your app, Windows Forms, .NET Compact Framework, WPF, SharePoint, WCF, ASP.NET, TLA#42, you still likely have data underneath. Since data is data regardless of the top stack, this year Shirley has added a Data Access Track organized by non other than Julia Lerman.

With a Microsoft day track dedicated to data developers and another dedicated to DBA's, you should find everything you need to know. There will be presentations from Microsoft explaining how we think you'll use the new technologies coming in 2008 and the industry experts explaining how things work in the real world.

Connection attendees will be among the first to get a full working copy of Visual Studio 2008. That alone can pay the price for attending. 

We're also working on a special CoDe Focus on Data magazine that all attendees will receive.


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  1. MeetGeorgeJetson says:

    Am I missing something?  This is real thing, correct? (RTM–whatever you want to call it–no catches.)

    I see it here.

    I see it at

    Has the Google search engine stopped working?

    I’d expect more buzz over the internet.  

    Could my keyword selection be that bad?

    If that’s an official copy, I go to Las Vegas.

    (My cycle has been to go once a year to the spring Orland conference.)

    I don’t see any reason not to begin using it while targeting the .NET 2.0 framework on day one.  The cautious side of me can always recompile w/ VS 2005. (I can tolerate living w/ two .sln files to expidite a the transition in a prudent manner.)

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