Presentations & Demos from Tech Ed Barcelona 07

Another great year in Barcelona.  First I want to thank our database track owner, Gunther Beersaerts. Gunther works in Technical Sales, and as a side job, manages this enormous event.  It’s a lot of work to deal with us pesky speakers that always make changes right up to the last minute. Gunther did an awesome job, as…


Heading to Barcelona for Tech Ed ‘07

Heading back to Barcelona again.  Getting around is about as easy as New York City with the subway system. What a great city. I’ll be giving 3 talks this year, so it will be a busy week.  As I finish my decks and demos, I’ll post them here for download as well. In addition to the…


SQL Server Compact 3.5 Features

Ambrish, one of our great Program Managers for SQL Server Compact has posted some details on the 3.5 enhancements: Steve


DevConnections Does Data

DevConnections, coming November 5-7, is just around the corner. Maybe you want to gamble a little, or see what strange things Carrot Top may be doing lately. But while you there; don’t forget to checkout some of the data access track presentations. A Data Access Track -hmmmRecognizing that regardless of what technology you may use…


Sync Services forADO.NET and SQL Server Compact Presentation

At Tech Ed US ’07, and several other events I’ve been giving a presentation discussing how Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Server Compact can optimize online and enable offline scenarios. I’ve been hoping to do more of a write up/blogicle, but just haven’t had the time. So, rather than continue to procrastinate, here’s the…


Notification to Pull

As developers start architecting their apps with Sync Services for ADO.NET they’re starting to ask questions about the holes we didn’t get complete in this 1.0 release.  One such topic is how can I send changes from the server to the client, without the client having to ask?  There are a few problems that quickly…


Configuring Visual Studio 2005 for use with SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

A number of people have been a bit confused how to get SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (also known as version 3.1) working with Visual Studio 2005.  The fact that we enabled a new product mid-steam within a Visual Studio ship cycle was quite an accomplishment, but there were a few cracks that people fell…


SQL Server Compact 3.5 B2 released

Release UPDATE: We’ve since shipped SQL Server Compact, so these B2 links are no longer valid.  There were some good comments on the blog, so keeping with blog tradition, I don’t want to kill this post.  To get the final, released, RTM product, please visit: ————————— For those that wish to download and use…


SQL Server Compact 3.5 B2 & Sync Services for ADO.NET Documentation released

For those that have downloaded Visual Studio 2008 to get the latest version of SQL Server Compact and Sync Services for ADO.NET, you’ll notice that we don’t install the documentation for these products with Visual Studio. Why?  Well, our documentation process here at Microsoft can be quite complex.  With all the integration and multiple languages…


SQL Server Compact and 64bit support

We’ve started to get a number of request whether SQL Server Compact will support 64bit.  The answer is absolutely YES!  Ok, but when?  We’ll, that part we’re working on.  Up until recently, we haven’t really seen a big need as the number of clients that have 64 bit hardware was fairly minimal at best.  Even…