Bill Vaughn writes an eBook on SQL Server Compact Edition

Just as Bill was finishing his Hitchhikers Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server, SQL Server Compact Edtiion was releasing.  Bill wasn't able to incorporate SQLce into his printed book, so he want the fast path, and wrote an eBook.  To date, this is the only book I, or the team has reviewed, so I can say it's accurate.  Bill writes with his normal critical view, but more importantly, he "gets it" when thinking about the differenaces in what you want from a local data store, compared to a data service.

You can view the book here:


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  1. Jan Verhaegen says:

    Just bought the e-book.  Haven’t read it yet, but unfortunately the PDF is protected against printing, so if you’re like me and you like printing out a chapter to read a bit during those lost moments …. well it’s just not possible.  E-mailed the author, but he doesn’t seem to be eager to solve it 🙁

  2. Joe Griffith says:

    I would like to by this book. I’ve tried. It can’t be done using the link. (It might work if you have never used pay pal but if you already have an account with a credit card listed then it simply won’t let you continue).

    Is there any other way to get the book?

  3. Bill Vaughn says:

    The site is actively selling books to those with a PayPal account. This is the only means we have available. Sorry, there is no other way to buy the book at this time. Please access

    which is a direct link to buy the book.

    As to printing, we’re really not comfortable providing a file that can be redistributed or printed. There are still too many people out there that don’t respect IP rights. Regrettably, this means that we have to take measures that make it less convenient for everyone. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this causes. It’s the price we have to pay to get current information to developers more quickly.

    We’re just learning this business so please bare with us. Thanks for understanding.


  4. mike greenway says:

    I click the link and get an error. Navigated another route and was told I had to "pre-register" and would be notified when its available.

    When it hard to spend money somethings really wrong!

  5. Bill Vaughn says:

    We had some URL linkage issues some time ago but these have been addressed. There is a way to get a printable version of the PDF but it’s more expensive to discourage the nefarious… I’ve also been known to provide a printable PDF version on special request to those that I recognize as legitimate customers. Email me directly at the address in

  6. I want to know about more differeces between sql server 2005 and sql server 2008

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