Live From Redmond WebCast: Offline Data Synchronization and Caching for Smart Clients

On November 14th, from 9-10am PST, I'll be giving a web cast covering our new Sync Services runtime.  The abstract discusses existing technologies, including RDA and Merge, but based on customer feedback, it seems developers really want to see the new sync framework, so I'll be showing mostly code on how to use our upcoming sync services. 

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  1. Attila says:

    Is the sample application, which is located on webcast, downloaded?

  2. Steve Lasker says:

    I wasn’t planning on posting the samples sa they’re only useful when run against the sync services runtime. We’re working on getting the bits ready for the CTP, so it won’t be long …


  3. GeBlack says:

    While it may not be useful from a running sample perspective, the existing code would be helpful in determining programming approaches for current projects which will allow for integration with OCS in the future.

    It would also be helpful in ascertaining exactly what methods are being used in the synchronization. Is this an extension to RDA to allow dataset/datatable pulls/pushes, is the existing synchronization framework being extended, or is everything being done with datasets/datatables.

    Perhaps none of those questions will be answered and perhaps after seeing the code it would only generate additional question, but it still would be nice to see the code. Especially for those operations which were not covered in any detail in the tech demo (client side operations)

  4. Steve Lasker says:

    The new Sync Services framework is a new framework that doesn’t directly tie to anything that either RDA or Merge Replication use from a code or dependency perspective.  Our goal is to extend the simplicity of RDA, with the power of Merge, but be familiar to the ADO.NET programmer.  

    Sync Services is a component based model that can be used in it’s parts, or as a whole.  For your specific question related to DataSets/DataTables, we do use DataSets as the mechanism for sending change sets, and schema information.  It’s the most effective technology we have at Microsoft without having to invent yet another protocol.  DataSets serialize, can represent dynamic schema, incorporate rowstate, the slice and dice, and they don’t even cost 19.95 <g>.  

    On a more serious note, while we do use DataSets as our payload, that doesn’t limit someone from serializing something else across the wire.  Say a developer wishes to use their own format of XML, or they had a Jelly Bean format of different shapes and colors.  All a developer would need to do is implement a proxy on the client to convert from XML Jelly Beans to a DataSet, and they’d be good to go.  

    Regarding the source code, we’re just so close to getting the CTP ready, the source code could create more confusion than value, and without the Sync Services dll’s it’s just meaningless as you won’t be able to see the API’s available.  

    Now that everyone is getting back from Thanksgiving, we should have some more news on when we’ll have the CTP available.


  5. GeBlack says:

    I guess I’ll just have to be patient, I’m really looking forward to the CTP to see what/how it is implemented. Thanks for the reply.

  6. Tim F. Fischer says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am wondering in which scenario the LastChange_ClientID column is required and how we will manage it?



  7. geblack says:

    I noticed the Sync Services framework was not included in the December 2006 CTP and I don’t see it in the RTW as of 1/11/2007. Any prediction as to when we will begin to see this new feature?

  8. geblack says:

    I’m sure this is due to confusion on my part as to when this new feature (OCS) is going to appear.

    After reviewing some posts it looks like 3.5 is the projected version and the time frame is on Orcas time. Any projection on an RC <g>

  9. Today we launched the public CTP of the Sync Services for ADO.NET. This is the current name of features

  10. RajeshPR says:

    Hi Steve

    Now that the CTP is available, and I have downloaded the same, the samples would be of great help.

    Pls do point me to the location (if there) where I can download the same.

  11. RajeshPR says:

    Hi Steve

    Had a quick question for you on the Sync feature.

    We have a health care application (windows based) being developed using .Net 2.0 and 3.0 combination.

    The front end is on .Net 2.0 and the services are developed using WCF (.Net 3.0)

    Now we would need to provide this application to doctors working on remote location (field doctors).

    What would be the best approach which I could take whith out changing the technology used for development.

    I have come across couple of options : SQL Server merge replication and SCOAP.

    I then happened to come across your video on OCS Sync Framework.

    That seesm to be a good proposition for adoption.

    Do you have the sample code/project which is sjown in the project and a writeup which can guide us as to how to adopt the OCS framework.

    Awaiting your respose at the earliest

  12. Steve Lasker has announced that the first CTP of the Microsoft Sync Services has been released. A new

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