SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP is here

Today, June 12th, we released the first CTP of SQL Server Everywhere Edition (SSEv). 
The main SQL site will also be updated to include info on SQL Server Everywhere Edition: www.Microsoft.com/Sql/Everywhere

This release has a couple of key features:

  • Now supported on Windows XP, Windows 2003 and yes Vista
  • |DataDirectory| macro for dynamic database location resolution
  • Ability to GAC the ADO.net provider
  • MSI for easily deploying SSEv w/ClickOnce, SMS and other deployment technologies
  • Visual Studio integration for ClickOnce
  • Full support for all of the Sql Mobile features, including the SqlCeResultSet and RDA.

To get a sense of the ease of use of the SqlCeResultset, try the following:

  1. Download the CTP above and install it.  At 1.7mb for the runtime download, it will likely take less then a minute to download and install
  2. Create a new windows forms project
  3. Drag a DataGridView and BindingSource to your form
  4. Using the smart tag, dock the DataGridView to the parent container
  5. On the property grid set the DataGridView1.DataSource to BindingSource1
  6. Download the full version of the Northwind database from my blog at: http://www.windowsforms.net/blogs/Stevelas/Code/Northwind_sdf.zip and copy it to your project directory.  got to love the code free, single file format <g>

    • You can get the smaller sample database from: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SmartDevices\SDK\SQL Server\Mobile\v3.0\Northwind.sdf but it only has a subset of the normal Northwind tables, and many of the columns have spaces in them

  7. Visual Studio will prompt you with the Data Sources Window to create a Typed Dataset. 
  8. Select all tables and click finish.  You can drag from the Data Sources Window later
  9. Double click the form to get Form_Load and add the following code:

Me.DataGridView1.AutoGenerateColumns = True
Dim conn As New SqlServerCe.SqlCeConnection()
conn.ConnectionString = "Data Source = |DataDirectory|\Northwind.sdf"
Dim cmd As New SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand()
cmd.Connection = conn
cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Employees"
Me.BindingSource1.DataSource = _
    cmd.ExecuteResultSet(SqlServerCe.ResultSetOptions.Scrollable Or SqlServerCe.ResultSetOptions.Updatable)

Hit F5 and you now have a DataGridView that is databound to an updatable cursor.  How simple and cool is that?

There’s plenty of cool things to do with SSEv.  We’d love to hear the great projects you’ve developed. 

I’m at Tech Ed this week giving several presentations and talking to as many developers as I can.  I’ll post addition demos and info as the week goes on.

The SSEv team has been extremely busy creating this new MSI, creating the ClickOnce package, adding the DataDirectory macro and a host of other things we had to “fit & finish” before making the CTP available.  We even have early, updated docs ready for download.  The team has been really busy as they’ve got 10 other projects their currently working on as they still support the Mobile platform.  Let the SSEv team know what you think at: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlmobile  They’re a great team that deserves a lot of credit for managing so much in so little time.


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  1. We’re launching the first CTP of SQL Server Everywhere today!

    SQL Server Everywhere is a new, lightweght…

  2. Microsoft vient de mettre en t&#233;l&#233;chargement la premi&#232;re CTP (Community Technology Preview) de SQL Server…

  3. SqlNews says:

    TechEd is bringing some great things out of the Microsoft closet, Data Dude and Sql Everywhere being…

  4. SqlNews says:

    TechEd is bringing some great things out of the Microsoft closet, Data Dude and Sql Everywhere being…

  5. Mystere says:

    I’m a little fuzzy about what this version does exactly.  Is this more like a Sql Server version of Access (without the frontend)?  Is this still client/server?  (ie does it run in it’s own process or does it run in the applications process?)

  6. The SQL Everywhere team has just released the first CTP of SQL Everywhere.

    If you don’t know what SQL…

  7. SQL Server Everywhere is a new, lightweight database you can load within the process of your application.&amp;nbsp;…

  8. We’ve release the first CTP of SQL Server Everywhere.&amp;nbsp; If you aren’t familiar with SQL Server Everywhere,…

  9. dotnetarchitect says:


  10. K says:

    Any idea why when I try and use SQL Ev with ASP.NET I get the following error:

    SQL Server Everywhere Edition is not intended for ASP.NET development.

    Is there a technical issue preventing this or is it a licensing restriction.

  11. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi K,

    SQL Server Everywhere is focused on single user scenarios.  We haven’t done extensive testing in ASP.net scenarios so we’ve blocked the scenario by default.

    We’ve heard from customers that their building small websites, or even single user websites so they don’t need multi-user performance, however there’s no practical way to govern expectations.  Rather than enable an untested scenario that we’re not trying to focus on, we’ve blocked it so customers clearly understand the scenarios we’re supporting.  

    It is possible we may enable this in the future once we’ve had more time to understand the behavior under load, but for now…


  12. k says:

    Cheers, Steve.  It strikes me as an ideal solution for Intranet sites.  It would be nice if there was some property that allowed developers to enable ASP.NET usage just so developers could make their own choice.  Even if it was unsupported.

  13. Nino.Mobile says:

    Software / Hardware&amp;nbsp;

    NewsGator Mobile is now in public beta. Check it out.&amp;nbsp; Thanks to Neil…

  14. staceyw says:

    I am lost on step 7.  What data provider do you use to connect to the .sdf?  How?

    VS is not prompting me to create a DataSet, I think a few more sentences will help.  Thanks much.


  15. dcveeneman says:

    Hi Steve–I got lost on Step 7, too. I’m copying Northwind.sdf to my project directory, then adding it to the C# project as an existing item.

    VS 2005 responds: "The data provider required to connect to the local data file could not be found. The file will be added to the project but the typed DataSet associated with the file will not be generated."

    A sentence or two more for us who haven’t developed for SQL Mobile developers will help. Thanks!

  16. dcveeneman says:

    Supplemental: I reinstalled VS 2005 (with SQL Server Mobile), and the example runs fine now.

  17. rhcooke says:

    Hi Steve

    tried it out and works fine from the F5 but if I build it I get 7 Warnings

    "Interface ‘ISCEMerge’ is marked as [dual], but does not derive from IDispatch…."

    is this expected.

    I also deployed it to a shared folder for a collegue to see, but the install comesup with the error "Application cannot be contacted. Contact the application Vendor" – I tried MAGE -cc to no avail, Any Ideas

  18. Dusty says:

    "…It would be nice if there was some property that allowed developers to enable ASP.NET usage just so developers could make their own choice.  Even if it was unsupported."

    I agree, there are cases where it makes sense to use it.

  19. EntitySpaces says:

    I tried every connection string under the sun using northwind.sdf, I get the error that it cannot find the file, even though I’ve given it the full path name from the root "C:yadanorthind.sdf" ? what gives, we’re using the Smart Phone simulator, I search all over last night for hours, using every connection string imaginable, I’m just using the SqlCeConnection class and it will not open even though I know for a fact the path is correct, it still says cannot find file?

    Can anybody help here …

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