Demo Videos of SQL Mobile / SQL Server Everywhere Edition

Some demo videos of various features and components that enable Occasionally Connected Applications

I’ll continue to add links to videos of demos for various scenarios. 

Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) Features

Using SQL Server Mobile w/Visual Studio 2005 – 7 minutes
A quick walkthrough of building an Order Form including configuring ComboBoxes lookup controls.  Using the Data Sources Window you can easily consume SQL Mobile databases to create a Strongly Typed Dataset.  The demo includes how to load the SQL Mobile runtime with your app and ClickOnce deploy the app without requiring administrative rights.

Using Remote Data Access (RDA) for lightweight, simple sync scenarios - 14 minutes
An overview of using RDA including a demo walkthrough.  Sample code in video

Configuring RDA Server Components - 7 Minutes
A walkthrough of how to configure IIS to broker RDA queries to your SQL Server
Code Snippets:


Comments (12)

  1. Steve posts some good information on getting offline client apps developed with VS2005 and .NET Framework…

  2. These are great resources Steve.  By any chance do you have a video of any of the other sync technologies such as OCS Offline Datasets or Merge Replication?

  3. Chua Wen Ching says:

    Nice stuff.

    Are those sqlce*.dll gonna be renamed fully to sql everywhere?

    It is still a bit confusing here and there.

    Like the namespace

    using System.Data.SqlServerCe

    in tutorials, they mentioned Sql Mobile

    I believe sql ce, mobile and everywhere are the same thing.

  4. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi Chua,

    In order to maintain backwards compat, we will not be changing the namespaces, dll names or removing any of the existing functionality.  We will be adding quite a bit to round out the occasionally connected scenarios including a new sync api that will enable a componentized sync model based on services.  SQL Server Everywhere replaces SQL Server Mobile which replaced SQL Server CE.  At least SqlCe has something to do with everywhere.  We haven’t figured out what to do with the C though <g>


  5. Hey,

    I know I don’t blog much so heres a few things that you probably saw if you read my comments, but…

  6. Now that we’ve gone public with SQL Server Everywhere Edition I was able to talk a little more openly…

  7. Mike Guppy says:

    Hi Steve,

    The videos & presentations you have given are extremely useful.

    I manufacture Vending equipment, which currently runs an application on Windows XP on a standard PC. We are looking to produce a reduced functionality system, using Pocket PC’s in order to provide a more cost effective entry level solution.

    Pocket PC’s provide us with almost everything we need, with one exception – we need to be able to connect to the Pocket PC remotely over a network using a standard PC in order to extract data for reporting or to download configuration changes.

    We can obviously achieve this is if we go to the pocket PC and upload the data to a central repository (RDA would be great for this), which is then accessed by the desktop PC, but we really need to be able to obtain the data by initiating the transfer from the networked desktop PC.

    After extensive investigation we have been unable to identify the correct technology to achieve this. Can you recommend a solution – is it even possible?



  8. Abhishek says:

    my sqlcecommand.executenonquery fails catastrophically without any exceptions and simply closes the application. this happens only first time after deployment and only after I pull the data. Doesnt happen in any other scenario. If i have pulled and app has exited, and i start it again, it keeps on working fine until I pull data again. Why could this be?

  9. Pradnya says:

    we required a demo for seminar as live.

    will u send me


  10. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi Pradnya,

    Feel free to contact me via the email link above.  I’ll be off for the holidays, so please try me by this friday.  You can find quite a bit of demos, walk throughs and smaple code on this blog,


  11. Well, after several name changes, power outages, the holidays, and crippling winter storms, we’ve released

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