UML 2.5 Beta now available

The beta version of UML 2.5 is now available at  Potential users and implementers are encouraged to read it and raise issues for consideration by the Finalization Task Force.  Issues may be logged at


UML 2.4.1 now released

When UML 2.4 was released we discovered an issue that meant it was impossible to interchange StructuredActivityNodes reliably. StructuredActivityNodes are executable nodes in an activity diagram that are also groups.  UML 2.4 doesn’t specify clearly whether they should be serialized as nodes or as groups; as a consequence, different tools do different things.  In UML…


UML for mainstream developers

I’d like to explore the idea that UML could be made more useful to mainstream developers if it were redesigned so that a UML model could directly represent the semantics and terminology of modern programming languages.  For example, if you are working in C#, instead of having Attributes and Operations in your class diagram, you…


Back from the OMG meeting in Cambridge

I just arrived back from the Object Management Group’s September meeting in Cambridge (the one across the river from Boston, not the one in UK where I went to university and go to work). I want to make UML more relevant to mainstream developers and a better match for modern platforms, so that it and…


The Oslo team are implementing UML 2

Keith Short has announced that the next Oslo CTP will include support for loading UML models into the Oslo repository.  I’ve been helping Keith and his team to unravel some of the complexities of the UML specification.  As Keith says, in due course we plan to be able to store UML models created using the Architecture Edition…


Ages of silence

I see I haven’t written anything here since February.  I’ve been very busy on two main fronts – lots of work on getting Team Architect ready for Beta 1 of Visual Studio Team System 2010, as well lots of work on making changes to the Components part of the forthcoming UML 2.3 specification. Well, Beta…


Alan is blogging again

Alan Cameron Wills has started blogging about UML for Agile Development. This should be interesting.


Future Development of UML RFI issued by OMG

Last week I attended the OMG’s technical meeting in Santa Clara.  I was pleased that the Analysis and Design Task Force voted to issue a Request For Information on the Future Development of UML.  The RFI can be found here and I strongly encourage anybody interested in the future of UML to respond, especially users.


Explicit Design

Cameron has been blogging about new features in our product.. In a recent post he used the term Explicit Design.  I’ve been reflecting on this, and I like it. In software development we really do need to capture design data that is not just the code, but should be saved and versioned just like the code.  What do we…


Oslo topics

Keith Short has been blogging about Oslo and the DSL Toolkit and Oslo’s use of model-driven terminology. There’s been a fair amount of speculation about how all these things fit together, so it is good now PDC is over to be able to clarify the relationships.