VS 2010 DSL SDK Beta1

Following close on the heels of VS2010 Beta1, we’ve announced the corresponding DSL SDK (oh those acronyms) – see Jean-Marc’s blog.


Explicit Design

Cameron has been blogging about new features in our product.. In a recent post he used the term Explicit Design.  I’ve been reflecting on this, and I like it. In software development we really do need to capture design data that is not just the code, but should be saved and versioned just like the code.  What do we…


Oslo topics

Keith Short has been blogging about Oslo and the DSL Toolkit and Oslo’s use of model-driven terminology. There’s been a fair amount of speculation about how all these things fit together, so it is good now PDC is over to be able to clarify the relationships.


New features for DSL Tools in Visual Studio 2010

Stuart has blogged about the new features expected in DSL Tools in VS 2010.  There’s plenty new there: DSL libraries, DSL extensibility, read-only models, forms-based UI, ModelBus, precompiled templates, movable labels, sticky tools, copy/paste and more.


UML and DSLs

So is UML really contradictory to DSLs?  Do they really represent different philosophies? I don’t think so.  After all, UML is just a set of domain specific languages.  If you want to model use cases, or state transition diagrams, what other DSLs would you use? Software architecture is all about tradeoffs, and there’s obviously one…


Eyal joins the team

A slightly belated hello to Eyal who has joined the DSL Tools team in Cambridge. Welcome Eyal!


DSL Book Website updated

The website for our DSL book has been updated – thanks Gareth.  This includes downloadable versions of the book examples for VS2008.


I’ve got a new job working on DSLs and UML!

Having spent a year in the Visual Studio Ecosystem team helping to integrate the DSL Tools deeper into the VS SDK, I am moving back to VSTS Architecture Edition to work on their new set of tools for architects, including UML tools, which are built on top of the DSL Tools.  Our leader is Cameron…


A new member of the team!

Jean-Marc has joined our team!  He brings some great new ideas and energy to what we’re doing and I’m already enjoying working with him.