Use cases for UML

I had a conversation recently in which the following three use cases for UML were suggested: UML as a precise graphical representation of existing programming languages UML as a higher level full life-cycle development language UML as a means to communicate between stakeholders Today UML is not particularly good for any of these use cases…


The story of UML

Jean Bézivin is telling the story of UML on his blog.  His post on How to choose the good ingredients to get a good UML? makes some really key points about what happened in 1996.  I guess I’m glad that we managed to get OCL into UML, but I remain disappointed that we never got…


UML for mainstream developers

I’d like to explore the idea that UML could be made more useful to mainstream developers if it were redesigned so that a UML model could directly represent the semantics and terminology of modern programming languages.  For example, if you are working in C#, instead of having Attributes and Operations in your class diagram, you…


Back from the OMG meeting in Cambridge

I just arrived back from the Object Management Group’s September meeting in Cambridge (the one across the river from Boston, not the one in UK where I went to university and go to work). I want to make UML more relevant to mainstream developers and a better match for modern platforms, so that it and…


The Road Ahead for UML

I have co-written a paper about the future of UML with Ivar Jacobson.  You can find it here.  Let me know what you think!


Syntropy book available online

Back in 1994 I co-authored a book on modelling with my colleague John Daniels.  We called our approach “Syntropy”.  The book has been out of print for several years now.  Sales were modest, but it was quite influential.  The Object Constraint Language, which was developed at IBM by my team when I worked there later…


Why I signed up for SEMAT

I’ve recently become a signatory to SEMAT (Software Engineering Method and Theory).  They’ve been trying to get me to sign up for some time but I resisted so far.  Why did I change my mind? Originally, SEMAT was branded as “a revolution in software engineering”.  I didn’t like that: I’m old enough to have seen…


Another OMG meeting is over

I’ve just finished the OMG meeting in Jacksonville.  I got my first taste of the Board of Directors: it was bigger than I thought, but otherwise much as I expected.  We had interesting procedural and technical moves to get some standards through the Architecture Board: the way that some tools generate XML schemas from UML…


Interviews with Ivar Jacobson

Channel 9 has published seven interesting interviews with Ivar Jacobson, in which he gives an insider’s perspective on the history and development of UML, as well as promoting some of the things he is working on now.  There is some interesting historical background on UML. Now, Ivar sees UML as making a comeback, and names…