Domain Specific Languages and UML

My colleague Alan Cameron Wills makes several excellent points about why not to base domain specific languages on UML.  I hope Grady Booch reads this.  There really is very little common semantic ground between a conveyer belt and anything in UML.


Dynamic Stability and Mass Customization

Today I am preparing for a couple of talks about Software Factories that I am giving later in the month to groups of architects in France and Germany.  I’m reminded of some material which I often go back to that I discovered about 10 years ago when I joined IBM and we were working out…


Business Capabilities and Software Factories

Keith Short’s blog has a report on some of our team’s experiences at OOPSLA this year.  I’m back in the UK now, recovering from the jetlag.   One aspect of our Software Factories tutorial which I think was particularly interesting was the use of Business Capabilities to scope the requirements for a software system.  Over…


Eventful times at OOPSLA

Today at OOPSLA I participated in a panel session about MDA.  We had an interesting debate about what MDA actually is.  I suggested that MDA proponents fall into the following three camps.   1. The UML PIM camp: MDA involves the use of UML to build Platform Independent Models (PIMs) which are transformed into Platform…


Software Factories and Packages

I read Alan Wills’ blog about his domain-specific languages tutorial at UML 2004, and it reminded me of some thoughts I had about the difference between a Software Factory and a Package.   A Package is a chunk of software that is designed to encompass a set of situations within a domain.  There are mechanisms…



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Looking forward to OOPSLA

I work as an Architect in the Enterprise Frameworks and Tools group within Visual Studio.  My immediate colleagues include Keith Short, Jack Greenfield, Stuart Kent, Alan Wills and Gareth Jones.  We’re all working hard on making the Software Factories vision a reality.   In a couple of weeks I shall be at OOPSLA, where I…