XMI 2.1 Export for VS2010 UML Tools

There is an XMI 2.1 Exporter now available for VS2010 UML Tools.  It is available as source code in the form of a sample.  It builds into a VS Extension which you can easily install, and which will enable you to export UML models in the standard XMI 2.1 format.


Hurtling back from Paris

I’m currently hurtling through the French countryside at some significant fraction of the speed of sound on the Eurostar train from Paris to London.  I’m returning from giving a keynote talk at Model Driven Day.  I spoke about UML – Past, Present and Future.   Despite having to put up with my English – my French…


Use cases for UML

I had a conversation recently in which the following three use cases for UML were suggested: UML as a precise graphical representation of existing programming languages UML as a higher level full life-cycle development language UML as a means to communicate between stakeholders Today UML is not particularly good for any of these use cases…


The story of UML

Jean Bézivin is telling the story of UML on his blog.  His post on How to choose the good ingredients to get a good UML? makes some really key points about what happened in 1996.  I guess I’m glad that we managed to get OCL into UML, but I remain disappointed that we never got…