Interviews with Ivar Jacobson

Channel 9 has published seven interesting interviews with Ivar Jacobson, in which he gives an insider’s perspective on the history and development of UML, as well as promoting some of the things he is working on now.  There is some interesting historical background on UML. Now, Ivar sees UML as making a comeback, and names Microsoft – and me - as a main instigator.

It is a pity that the sound is very quiet for some of the interviewer’s questions.

Part 1: Ivar talks about his current work, some of his latest ideas and his passion. He also reveals why he is wearing pink socks!

Part 2: The inside story of the history of UML; how did it all start? Who was involved? How did it become a standard and a success?

Part 3: The fall of UML, and how the success faded away; what happened and why? Where did the critic come from? Ivar provides his take to the story.

Part 4: The come-back of UML . What happens now, what is good and what still needs to improve? How will we use UML moving forward?

Part 5: Fashion – how does it affect the software development industry? What can we do to change that? How is Ivar trying to change the industry?

Part 6: Being smart - What does that mean and how can we do to become smarter? Learn about what Ivar means about “smart cases”.

Part 7: The Future – what will happen in 5-10 years? Ivar talks about how it is now possible to leverage existing ideas through modern platforms and tools, that software needs to be built for people and how standards for both platforms and frameworks will make it easier to work together.

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