Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework Beta 2 is available

We’ve all been working very hard on beta 2 which is now available – see Cameron’s announcement.  I’ve been particularly working on the API for creating, accessing and updating UML models. Cameron has also started a series of posts entitled Modeling and Visualization in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate that will describe many of the features…


Reflections on the OMG meeting in San Antonio

I got back from San Antonio a week ago.   The jetlag was bad this time; I’d been in the USA for two weeks and it’s taken me a week to get back to normal. San Antonio was a nice place to go.  The river walk was very enjoyable, and we had some great meals looking…


Closing date for "Future Development of UML" RFI and workshop is 17th August

Reminder: the closing date for submissions to the Future Development of UML RFI is the 17th August.  There will be an all-day workshop to discuss the responses to this RFI on Sunday 13th September in San Antonio.  If you wish to present at this workshop, please make a proposal by email to by 17th…


Balls and Sockets in UML Components

In my last two posts I outlined the basic ideas of Parts, Ports and Connectors as they appear in Structured Classes.  This time I’m going to discuss Components, and in particular the changes we’ve been making in UML 2.3 so that the Components chapter is well-defined. In the UML metamodel, Component is defined to be…


UML Structured Classes part 2

Last time I explained about Parts using a small example.  But the idea of Parts can extend equally well, if not better, to large examples.  Let’s say we have an ordering system that contains a couple of databases, and an ordering module, and an administration module.  Using Parts this can be depicted thus: This shows…


UML Structured Classes part 1

Recently I have spend quite a lot of time working out proposals to fix problems in the definition of UML 2, especially in the area of Components; these proposals will make it into the next version UML 2.3.  I’m going to make some postings to explain these changes. Because Components in UML are built on…


The Oslo team are implementing UML 2

Keith Short has announced that the next Oslo CTP will include support for loading UML models into the Oslo repository.  I’ve been helping Keith and his team to unravel some of the complexities of the UML specification.  As Keith says, in due course we plan to be able to store UML models created using the Architecture Edition…


VS 2010 DSL SDK Beta1

Following close on the heels of VS2010 Beta1, we’ve announced the corresponding DSL SDK (oh those acronyms) – see Jean-Marc’s blog.


Ages of silence

I see I haven’t written anything here since February.  I’ve been very busy on two main fronts – lots of work on getting Team Architect ready for Beta 1 of Visual Studio Team System 2010, as well lots of work on making changes to the Components part of the forthcoming UML 2.3 specification. Well, Beta…


Alan is blogging again

Alan Cameron Wills has started blogging about UML for Agile Development. This should be interesting.