The UML Pantomime

I found the Babel Experiment described here very interesting.  It claims to show that if you only allow people to use UML and not to talk, you get a better result than if you allow them to talk.  The better result is only that "their diagrams were more detailed, more elaborated and elegant", but still it is an interesting result.  I did recoil from the conclusion that "UML Metamodel is a great example of good design" though - this experiment has nothing to do with the UML metamodel, which is the total opposite of a great example of good design.

Comments (3)

  1. What Steven Cook wrote about Babel Experiment, triggered me to have a look for myself.The presentation by Vladimir Pavlov (great grandson of??) is interesting, and Steve’s comment about the UML meta model is absolutely correct – it is not touc

  2. Sergey says:

    I would not get over exited about results of the Babel experiment. The most important part of experiment is to obtain result without any bias. Obviously, Vladimir Pavlov is very fond of UML and very eager to prove it is a “real language”. I would say, that UML has many flaws that makes it unusable in real life project. Personally, I regret Universities continue to teach people use UML and Object-Oriented analysis for the application design. The value of UML is very low especially if you have team of experienced programmers.

  3. Sergey – exactly my point, just check out the full text I wrote on Random Thoughts…

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