We’re recruiting .Net developers

Are you an outstanding .Net developer?  Would you like to work in Cambridge (UK) helping us build our Software Factories platform?  If so, send me an email.

Comments (5)

  1. Rujith says:


    At present I am in India, can I give a shot at this opportunity ?


  2. Rujith, the job is in Cambridge, UK. If you want to apply, send me an email (steve.cook(at)microsoft.com) with your CV and we’ll take a look.

  3. Peter Cook says:

    Your post is dated 12 July. Is the job still open?


  4. tadanderson says:

    Well since all your other comments are closed I find I can only reach you through this blog.  Can you predict what is coming… from…. here… http://realworldsa.blogspot.com/

  5. Tad, if you think what I’m working on is a complete waste of time, I’m surprised that you’re so interested in my predictions.

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