HL7 Software Factory discussions

Over on Roy Osherove's blog there are some interesting interchanges about the HL7 software factory, triggered by comments by Guy Ron at the Architecture panel at TechEd in Israel, who thinks software factories might be too complicated.

I reckon that the whole software industry is too complicated.

Comments (1)

  1. Game (read: factory) has not yet even started and it is already too complicated? In my opinion things get interested once you have the first factory running and requirements to improve it rise. Keeping the language alive is important in the longer run. Then issues are different than getting the editor done. For instance, how to update the language and generators, what will happen to models made so far, how they can be updated, can we change the factory without stopping it (developers hardly can wait for days to get new updated language and generator versions) etc. Some more details on keeping the language running is discussed at: http://www.metacase.com/blogs/jpt/blogView?showComments=true&entry=3326434376

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