The UML Pantomime

I found the Babel Experiment described here very interesting.  It claims to show that if you only allow people to use UML and not to talk, you get a better result than if you allow them to talk.  The better result is only that “their diagrams were more detailed, more elaborated and elegant”, but still it is…


DSL Tools V1 is available

We’ve released DSL Tools V1 – see  Hardware permitting, I’ll be demoing them at JAOO in a couple of weeks. (I’m currently trying to get Vista RC1 on my Toshiba Tecra M5 to talk properly to data projectors).


A mopping up exercise

I gave a keynote talk this morning at JMLC2006 in Oxford, about Domain Specific Languages.  To be controversial, I said that the most important development in programming language design ever was the shift from procedure/data languages to class/instance languages, and that a good proportion of programming language research today is a mopping-up exercise resulting from this change. …


The MSF team

David Anderson has blogged about Alan Wills moving to the MSF team.  Alan has been a mainstay of the DSL Tools team for the past 3 years, and we will miss him, including our forum readers, whom he has supported very consistently and thoroughly.  Having said that, Alan is still in the next office to me,…


Visual Studio Team System Public MSDN Chat

Come and join members from the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Architect, Developer and Tester editions and Team Foundation Server. There will be experts on hand to answer your questions, so we hope to see you there!   Join the chat on Wednesday September 6th, 2006 10:00am…


We are still recruiting

I’m just back from a very nice family holiday in Greece, and I’m catching up.  We are still looking for great developers to join our team in Cambridge: the job description is at


We’re recruiting .Net developers

Are you an outstanding .Net developer?  Would you like to work in Cambridge (UK) helping us build our Software Factories platform?  If so, send me an email.


Macaw’s Software Factory

At this link is an interesting article about how Macaw, a System Integrator based in the Netherlands, is implementing the software factory vision. They are supporting VS2003 and VS2005, and taking a very pragmatic approach. No graphical modelling tools are involved at this stage, as far as I can tell.


New version of DSL Tools now available

See the DSL Tools web page for details on the latest preview of the DSL Tools.  Here’s what the link says: About the Latest CTP The latest CTP (in the June CTP of Visual Studio 2005 SDK) brings the Domain-Specific Language tools much closer to their final form for the release of the first version. The…