Modelling in the run time

Don Box says “In my mind, the only way this stuff will get traction is if we change the runtimes to work in terms of higher-order expressions.  Otherwise we’re stuck in the 1980’s CASE world where box-and-arrows and code were like matter and anti-matter, despite the best attempts at roundtripping UML and code.” I think he…


More on throwing models away

Juha-Pekka has responded to Grady. I note that Grady is also quoted in the full panel transcript as saying “I actually don’t throw away all my models; I keep the good ones, the ones that represent the significant (costly to change) design decisions.” I do that too.  But as well as keeping them, I generate code, Xml, schemas,…


Case studies for domain-specific modelling

Grady Booch says he was misquoted by Juha-Pekka Tolvanen , and spun by Harry and me , about throwing UML models away. He says you should keep some of them.  He doesn’t say which ones, though. Grady asks for some references for domain-specific modelling in production, where “I never have to touch much less look at source code”. …


DSL Tools in India

George Mathew, from our team, will be attending the VS Launch events in Mumbai on the 13th, Pune on the 14th and Chennai on the 15th of this month.  If you are at any of these events, please look him up.


Another blogger on the team!

George is now blogging with a post about a forthcoming feature in our template processor. 



Hear Ron Jacobs interview me about modelling, DSLs and such on ArcTalk at


New DSL Tools available now

You can get the latest version of DSL Tools from It works with the released version of VS2005, and contains new features for model validation and DSL deployment.