September preview of DSL Tools

The September preview of the DSL Tools is now available. This version has samples to help you start with various popular styles of modelling: class diagrams, activity diagrams, and use case diagrams.  You can use these as starting points for your own designers.  I'm using the Class Diagram right now as a way of prototyping new XML formats for the next version of the DSL tools.

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  1. Nailie says:

    i have interest research about pervasive systems do you have some information, plese, and thanks for your atention, my email:

    And u have great ideas… and that is a excellent blog…

  2. Yoeri says:

    will this work with the Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite ?

  3. David Robinson says:

    I pulled it down. I have a lot of questions about capabilities, current and future.

    Can one add custom event code a the modeler itself? For example, can a model of a form have a button that, when clicked, runs code to take you to the form designer in another project? Or special validation code that might need to look at attributes of a model object to decide if it can participate in a relationship.

    Is there any that multiple users can share a model, each changing or adding components without conflict? Is this planned in any way?

    If models are each stored in its own XML file, what is the practical limit on the number of objects in a model?

    What capabilities will exist for querying a model, for example, "find me all object of this type that have the following attribute setting"?

    How does one add help (F1, tool-tips, etc.) to a modeler?


  4. David, great questions. Please post them at where there is lots of information and conversations.

    The current preview only works with VS2005 beta 2. Our next release will work with the released version of VS2005, and should be available within a few weeks.

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