A busy life

It's almost a month since I posted anything - we've been very busy working on the next version of the DSL tools, which will appear quite soon.  Last week I spent a day at the SPA conference which was a nice opportunity to meet up with some old friends and colleagues. Alan and Gareth gave a workshop on Domain Specific Languages; during this there was an interesting discussion about the merits of implementing the DSL directly vs. defining it as a UML Profile, which touched on the generated API, the serialization format, the ease of writing constraints, readability, and the benefits when communicating with customers.  Next week I shall be giving a short talk about Software Factories at the Butler Group Application Development Strategies Symposium and I'm thinking about how to fit such a large story into 30 minutes.

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  1. Susan E says:

    Can you please provide a link to the DSL presentation? What were the main points in the DSL vs UML discussion at the SPA conference?

  2. Susan, I don’t think the presentation is available online. The contents of the discussion deserves some blog posts. Watch this space.

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