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Harry has hit the nail on the head.  Again.


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  1. I don’t think I could have put it better than Harry myself.

    Though I still like the idea of using a generic language (i.e UML) at the conceptual level, specifically because its implementation architecture neutral.

    Am I right in assuming that VS2005 DSL’s use XML to persist their domain models? If so then its not beyond the wit of man to think that I could use UML at the conceptual level, export it in XMI and then use XSLT to translate it into DSL for design. OK I might lose something in the translation but it’s a comforting thought that it might turn out to be interoperable.

  2. Steve Cook says:


    Yes, DSLs are persisted using XML; we have certainly thought of the scenario that you suggest; and this kind of interoperability is definitely on our radar. You might even want to use our tools at the conceptual level too.

    — Steve

  3. DevHawk says:

    Thanks Steve! 🙂

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