UML 2.5 Beta now available

The beta version of UML 2.5 is now available at  Potential users and implementers are encouraged to read it and raise issues for consideration by the Finalization Task Force.  Issues may be logged at


UML 2.4.1 now released

When UML 2.4 was released we discovered an issue that meant it was impossible to interchange StructuredActivityNodes reliably. StructuredActivityNodes are executable nodes in an activity diagram that are also groups.  UML 2.4 doesn’t specify clearly whether they should be serialized as nodes or as groups; as a consequence, different tools do different things.  In UML…


Back from Salt Lake City: now we have a plan for more flexible UML profiles

Last week I was at the OMG meeting in Salt Lake City. A high point of the meeting was issuing a Request for Proposals for a new “metamodel extension facility”, which could in time replace the current UML profile capability with a better designed and more flexible mechanism.  The new capability should allow the profile…


Preparing for the next OMG meeting

I’ll be off to Salt Lake City in a couple of weeks for the next OMG meeting.  One thing I’m going to try and do is get a Request for Proposals issued for a Metamodel Extension Facility that will improve and extend the current UML Profiles capability.  UML Profiles are quite popular, but the mechanism…


UML Progress Report

I just finished participating in the OMG meeting in Arlington.  Our work on UML 2.5 is moving along, although more slowly than I would like.  We’ve got a decent scheme for generating substantial portions of the specification directly from the metamodel.  A few people – including me – are re-writing chapters, and we have 6…


New Sample: Linking UML elements to diagrams in Visual Studio Ultimate

Alan Wills has created a new sample that pulls together several of the capabilities of our Visualization and Modeling SDK.  The sample illustrates: How to associate data with any UML element by using References. How to add decorators to UML elements How to add rules to respond to changes in a UML model How to…


UML 2.4 is complete

Finally we have completed all of the technical processes for creating UML 2.4.  Now it just has to go through the OMG’s voting procedures and, assuming it passes, will be formally issued as the latest UML specification. We’ve given a lot of attention to making the machine-readable specification of UML 2.4 solid.  That does not…


UML 3 dilemmas

I’m back from the OMG meeting in Santa Clara.  We talked a lot about the future of UML.  Just about everybody is agreed that we need to create UML 3, but there are some real practical dilemmas.  Currently UML is complicated and it can take a lot of expertise to apply it successfully to any…


XMI 2.1 Export for VS2010 UML Tools

There is an XMI 2.1 Exporter now available for VS2010 UML Tools.  It is available as source code in the form of a sample.  It builds into a VS Extension which you can easily install, and which will enable you to export UML models in the standard XMI 2.1 format.


Hurtling back from Paris

I’m currently hurtling through the French countryside at some significant fraction of the speed of sound on the Eurostar train from Paris to London.  I’m returning from giving a keynote talk at Model Driven Day.  I spoke about UML – Past, Present and Future.   Despite having to put up with my English – my French…