Messenger now on Zune HD

My main man andy_faz reminded me yesterday that Messenger is now available for Zune HD. The navigation takes a bit of getting used to and it’s not as full featured as it’s iPhone cousin but nonetheless, good to see it on Zune. The Metro UI looks as delicious as ever, Facebook integration, and social integration…


Windows Phone 7 is pulling in to the platform

[updated to resolve errors in my original post, thanks for comments] I’ve read a few interesting blogs today that got me thinking about the platform nature of Microsoft’s business and in particular Windows Phone 7. First up was Paul Thurrot’s post titled Windows Phone’s Real Secret Weapon: Developers, Developers, Developers which left me feeling pretty…


Zune HD in device manager

Sweet…I hadn’t noticed that Zune HD now has its own icon in device manager in Windows 7. Maybe it’s always been there but perhaps it was part of the 4.2 update?


Zune HD 64GB Coming & Zune 4.5 is here

Last week we announced that a 64gb Zune HD will be available (yes, US and Canada only, I know, I know…) from Zune Originals. Ahead of that, the Zune 4.5 firmware was announced today with the Smart DJ feature from the desktop software now built in to your device. Also is 4.5 is expanded video…


Zune HD gets Facebook

I can’t remember a time at Microsoft when I had so much to blog about. It’s keeping me up late at night to keep you abreast of everything (well, not everything) that is going on. Windows Phone, Natal, Cloud, Surface…..and now Zune HD with a funky new Facebook app. Okay so we’re not in the…


Twitter comes to Zune

will be loading it up tonight and will review.


PGR Ferrari Edition on Zune HD

This is how PGR: Ferrari Edition looks on my Zune HD. In fact, it looks a LOT better than that and the gameplay, once you get used to the sensitivity of the accelerometer, is excellent. If you have a Zune HD, it’s a free download from the apps tab within the desktop software. Now looking…


Zune HD 4.3 firmware released

Though I’m not seeing it yet (must be a staged rollout) the 4.3 firmware for Zune HD has just been released. I’m going to change my region to US to see if that jolts it. UPDATE: I forced the update using the following instructions from charms55 on the Zune forums. 1. Press POWER/MEDIA (side) buttons…


Zune HD. If you can, you must

I’ve held off blogging about my Zune HD for a few weeks so I could get a feel for it and offer a considered opinion. Thankfully for me, my opinion hasn’t changed since I took it out of the box – it’s stunningly good. The hardware is a impressive and much like an iPhone when…


Zuneify your Twitter avatar

  Not something I personally want to do but as I’m pretty happy with my Zune avatar (Banksy’s Flying Copper) but nice to see the attention to detail from the Zune team