Christmas social media logos

Loving these Christmas logos from ReflectionOf.Me


Web service paperbacks

Hot on the heels of Albums re-imagined as Penguin Classics I love these retro Vintage Web Service Non-Paperback Paperbacks


Social media makes you fitter

  well it would for me if I followed this easy workout plan 🙂 Every time you check out one of these sites you do the requisite exercises….wow, that’d have me buff in days. Hours even!! from Patrick Moberg


Microsoft and next gen newspapers

  [image credit Nieman Journalism Lab via SeattlePI] The image above was part of Microsoft’s submission last week regarding the future of newspapers. Sarah Perez mentioned that the Newspaper Association of America asked for ideas from companies who had experience in helping online publishers monetize digital content and Microsoft’s response can be seen in a…


10 Levels of Intimacy in Communication

I saw this over on Marc’s site  and wasn’t sure if they were in some kind of order. Personally, I’d put letter right up there after talking. In this digital, high speed age there is still something very intimate and comforting about a letter. Perhaps it’s because you actually have to take time to perform…


How does the Internet see you? Get your online persona calculated

  I’m having a lot of fun with Aaron Zinman’s Personas. Zinman is a PhD student in MIT’s Sociable Media Group and has produced an addictive natural language processing application to create your online persona in something that looks like a DNA strip. The outcome is questionable based on a few test I did of…


Feedly To Replace My Google Reader?

Sadly for my employer it’s stuff like Feedly that will keep Firefox installed on my machine (albeit IE8 remains my default). My pal Jas pointed me to Feely today and I thought I’d seen it before but I hadn’t…it just has one of those familiar Web 2.0 style names. Whatever, it’s a super cool add-on…


Buy Shares In An Album

  [update] spoke with Stephen from the band and the PayPal link is thus –  This novel idea for getting an album off the ground was sent to my by a pal this weekend. In a nutshell, you can buy up to 3 shares at £5 a go from a band called FirstOfTheGiants. Depending…


Parenting in Post 2.0

another classic from GeekandPoke


Web 2.0 Before and After

the original “Web 2.0 logo slide” update by Meg Pickard. Of course many companies have been added but some big white gaps there. (thanks to @deneschonknecht) for the link