Zune HD in device manager

Sweet…I hadn’t noticed that Zune HD now has its own icon in device manager in Windows 7. Maybe it’s always been there but perhaps it was part of the 4.2 update?


Microsoft Docs

I’ll be doing a lot more with our Fuse Labs team in the coming months – more on that at a later date. For now, I wanted to tell you about a great new service they released today – Docs for Facebook. My friend Lili Cheng introduced it like this I’m so excited to announce…


Microsoft Pivot: Navigating the web, as a web

I saw Gary Flake give the first public demo of Pivot back at the PDC in November 2009 and I was wowed. This is his latest demo at TED where he really brings it to life and shows how Pivot is a new navigation metaphor for data and for the web. His first demo of…


Bing laptop skins

I spotted a guy from the Bing team with Design 2 last week whilst in Redmond and now I find anyone (well, anyone from Microsoft) can get a Bing laptop skin. I’m quite tempted but not totally sure I can deface my Vaio’s carbon. Decisions, decisions…   Hat tip to Rob Margel


Building Rome in less than a day with Photosynth

The University of Washington has built a Photosynth of Rome using 150,000 photos from Flickr and it’s mighty impressive. It took them 21 hours for Rome using Flickr and Photosynth and they’ve also been busy with Dubrovnik and Venice. Check out Dubrovnik below and you’ll see that the resulting synth really is quite amazing. They’re…


Windows Azure World Tour

  On October 6th we have David Chappell in London to talk about Windows Azure. David is Principal of Chappell & Associates and a prolific speaker, author and consultant. He’s been the keynote speaker for many conferences and events on five continents, and his seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of developers, architects,…


On the topic of thin…

I mentioned the new Adamo XPS earlier today and on the topic of thin, I also just noticed the new Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 we announced. It’s just a few millimetres thicker than the AAA battery it takes at the back. That’s it up there…you can click for the bigger version. Here’s how it looks…


Microsoft UK launches Britain Works aiming to get 500k in to jobs

Microsoft UK today launched an ambitious new initiative called Britain Works to help citizens during the recession. The campaign aims to help 500,000 people into work by 2012 through a combination of   A new job matching service Targeted skills and employability training with provision of training vouchers, at all levels of IT skills need A…