Twitter On Paper

  Yet another Twitter Infographic via

Tweetie becomes Twitter for iPhone. Where does that leave Blackberry and Windows Phone?

  In an unsurprising move, Twitter has acquired atebits and their excellent client for iPhone (Tweetie) will become Twitter for iPhone. With that renaming, does Twitter close the door to Tweetie continuing on OSX, let alone appearing at some point in the future on & Windows Phone 7? I could understand to some extend Twitter…


10 billion tweets and counting

Another day, another Twitter infographic. Interesting to see the pie chart with much pointless babble and it turns out Wednesday and Thursday are the most popular tweet days. Click for the full size from Mashable  


Twitter addiction

Who? Me? from Hugh of course



  Published in The New Yorker 03/15/2010 by Mick Stevens via SwissMiss


When do I sleep?

I only wish this were true….6 hrs. Yeah, right 🙂 Track you Twitter friends snooze time at

Bing Maps launches ability to embed Twitter maps on your site – #sxsw example

Bing Maps has a series of map app or overlays you can add on to any map – personally I think it’s one of the best but most well hidden features of Bing Maps. One of my favourite map apps is Twitter which overlays geotagged tweets on to the map. The Bing boys and girls…

Twitter history in code swarm

Lovely infographic from Ben Sandofsky that shows the birth of Twitter and its development. Icons represent developers, and particles represent files added or modified thanks to Daz for the link

Taking on Google in 90 days

The video doesn’t do the story justice – Mercury News has an interesting post on what it took to get Bing indexing Twitter’s real-time feed. Like any good project, it went down to the wire with the team getting the system finally working just 40 minutes before the live demo at Web 2.0 last year….

Battle of the Twitter clients just tweeted about a new limited beta of Blu, their Twitter client that is due soon. As I posted when Blu originally came out, I think it’s a beautiful application though it needed some tweaks to have made it my first choice client. Unfortunately for, the game has moved on and Seesmic’s Look…