AI past and future

A fun cartoon by Tom Gauld Tweet


The difference between need and want

Just in case anyone is listening (pun), I absolutely definitely need these headphones. This is not a case of want, it’s definitely need. If the B&W MM-1 speakers are anything to go by, these will rock the house (pub). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones. Did I mention they…


Taking Tech back to 1977

Retro brilliance from ALT/1977: WE ARE NOT TIME TRAVELERS on the Behance Network. Is this what today’s tech would have looked like back in 1977? Probably. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the tech bubble I/we live in. Packing my house and moving to the US gave me time to reflect on…


Sony’s flexible screen is just the beginning

[image credit: Wired] Screen technology is coming along nicely and I noticed Wired recently showed the flexible Sony Screen above (that’s a pen it’s rolled around). Whilst we all get carried away with the latest gadgetry from Cupertino and Computex I think it’s safe to say that’ll look pretty archaic in the next 3-5 years….


Trouble in the valley

I really just wanted to share this great image from the NY Times today though the story it supports is pretty compelling too. The PR statements are priceless and a battle built on emotion as the NYT suggests this one is means not all decisions will be rational. Should be intriguing to watch. One piece…


Do I need to know that intelligent signage has Intel inside?

As usual, Long Zheng is ahead of the mainstream press in reporting the latest in future technology. Once you get over the slightly cheesy element of this video it’s fascinating/scary to see that the world of Total Recall (they had this before Minority Report) isn’t that far away. Digital signs that recognise you (sort of)…


Technology Fossils

Christopher Lock’s Modern Fossils will make fine presents for our kids. What would you add to Chris’s list? I’m loving the iPhone and thinking a rotary phone may be a nice addition. hat tip to Wired


15% Off Gadget Gear at Proporta

I have no idea what those white things are but the orange thing is a Headphone Cable Tidy from Proporta. They’re home to lots of gadgety goodness With nothing else to do this Easter Sunday (Sunday 12th April 2009) apart from eat chocolate and watch The Masters, Proporta is offering you a 15% discount on…