pptPlex gets touch support

  It’s been a while since I’ve played with pptPlex but it’s time for me to take another look as it now works with PowerPoint 2010 and more intriguingly it works with touch enabled Windows 7 PC’s. For those who haven’t been keeping up, pptPlex is a project from Office Labs that has been downloaded…


A familiar vision

Something strangely familiar about this. Nice video from the Commonwealth Bank hat tip to Terry


Behind the magic of Microsoft 2019 video

Video: Productivity Future Vision Video Talk Track I imagine many of you have seen the Microsoft 2019 video that Stephen Elop showed a while back at the Wharton Conference. I’m using this video a fair bit recently as I seem to have been asked to give a number of innovation talks so it’s the perfect…


Forgotten Attachment Detector: Free Download

  The Forgotten Attachment Detector (FAD) is another project from OfficeLabs and is a handy little add in for Outlook. When you send an email FAD checks it for keywords that indicate you’ve forgotten to attach an attachment. If it detects this, it notifies you and gives you a chance to correct any mistakes. Simple,…


Decoding that Microsoft 2019 video

The video Stephen Elop showed at The Wharton School a few weeks back has had a lot of coverage on the web and has been a popular page on this blog. Long found a longer, 5 minute version of the video (above) and when I look at that video and see the innovation can bring…


Canvas for OneNote

Video: Canvas for OneNote Demo Video Very cool new download from the OfficeLabs team – Canvas for OneNote. This allows you to do something I’ve always struggled with in OneNote – that is visualise all of content in a Seadragon style. The video explains it better than I ever could and you can download for…


Microsoft’s Office Labs releases Email Prioritizer

  Well the OfficeLabs team are on a tear – no sooner had the traffic my blog peaked regarding pptPlex last week than they ship another goodie – Email Prioritizer. Hat tip to Todd Bishop for finding this one. What is it?   Email Prioritizer is a plug-in for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (running on…


Microsoft OfficeLabs releases pptPlex

Video: An Overview of pptPlex Wow the OfficeLabs guys are on a good run of late. Hot on the heels of SpeedLaunch they released pptPlex today. Taking inspiration from the Plex technology used in the Bill Gates’s TouchWall demonstration at the CEO Summit, OfficeLabs have created a prototype that allows people to have similar zooming…


Office Labs Releases Speed Launch

Speed Launch is an application launcher that extends the functionality and usability of Windows by giving users quick access to the documents, files, and websites they use most often. Off to check it out as I think it could be very useful for web pages I user over and over as well as applications. Check…