Microsoft Office is now on the web

You may have heard about something called Office Web Applications over the last few months. If not, just think of it as Microsoft Office delivered through a web browser – okay, it’s not full blown office but it’s unquestionably Office and it looks very familiar. This sort of familiar All you need to do is…

Office 2010 Reaches RTM

Office 2010 Reaches RTM! was the headline from the Office team blog and during an extended stay in Redmond last week I took the chance to suck the bits down our high speed pipes and load them on to my laptop. Nice work folks…Outlook 2010 feels snappy to me. For the non geeks, RTM =…

Microsoft Office 2010 public beta is live

There goes the network at PDC for a few hours…. I’ve been using the beta for a little while now and it’s a big improvement over the Tech Preview. Outlook in particular has some great new features that I expect Kurt Del Bene will demo in the next 30 mins. PowerPoint also gets some of…


Office Mobile 2010 beta released

As well as the Office 2010 beta for PC today, the Office Mobile 2010 beta was announced. Available now from Marketplace

Office Web Apps Technical Preview Expanding

The web version of Office 2010 – known as Office Web Apps has just expanded their beta technical preview programme. For a limited time, you can sign-up for a Technical Preview account here (if you are already a part of the technical preview, this link will generate an error):   via Nick Simons

Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps finally came in to limited beta testing last week – something we call community tech preview (personally I think we should rename to something like sneak peeks). Reviews so far have been good and hopefully take away some of the criticism that it’s been too long coming to market – I think…

…and for my next PowerPoint trick

definitely my favourite new feature in PowerPoint 2010 is background removal. the image above is a before and after that took about 5 seconds to remove Pepe Reina from the image. Literally it’s that simple. here’s what you do double click the image in a slide – the format ribbon comes alive click on background…


Outlook 2010 jumplist in Windows 7

  I’m finding tonnes of new stuff in Office 2010, especially in Outlook 2010 which is taking me some time to get used to. One feature I love that I hadn’t seen until this morning was the Jumplist integration with Windows 7. If you have Outlook pinned to the taskbar and right click you get…


Office 2010 brings Office to the browser

See What’s New in Microsoft Web Applications 2010 Okay so this is hardly news now as it was all over Techmeme and the web in general this morning – Office 2010 Tech Preview got announced at the Worldwide Partner Conference. For my world of Software plus Services the big news was Office Web Applications. Yep,…


Office 2010: The Movie (RIP Clippy)

What’s going on in Redmond….we’re having an advertising frenzy right now with Bing ads, IE8 ads (ahem), Windows ads…and now a big production number by the Office team. I hope they keep this one going as it’s possibly the best of the lot. Check out Office 2010: The Movie