Small Fry

Late last year, my pal Mel Carson dropped me a line and asked if I fancied showing Stephen Fry some of our technology. Naturally I leapt at the chance and a month or so later, Mel and I spent a thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes with Stephen and I toured him through Worldwide Telescope, Seadragon, Pivot,…


Microsoft News Center goes mobile

My colleagues on the News Center team quietly rolled out a mobile version of News Center this week…we’re all over this mobile phone thing 🙂 Tweet


Microsoft’s HTML5 strategy and open dialogue

I just finished reading Ed Bott’s fine post “Microsoft fires back at critics of its HTML5 strategy” and not only did it educate me, it reminded me of how we differ in our approach to Apple when it comes to communication. I’m not saying one is right or wrong but when I saw Charles Arthur…


Microsoft and Ford collaborate on Hohm

Microsoft and Ford have partnered for a while on on SYNC for integrated in car communications and entertainment. Today that partnership gets extended with the announcement that Hohm, our online residential energy management service, will appear in future Ford electric vehicles and the two companies are working with utility companies on the project. The Focus…


Trouble in the valley

I really just wanted to share this great image from the NY Times today though the story it supports is pretty compelling too. The PR statements are priceless and a battle built on emotion as the NYT suggests this one is means not all decisions will be rational. Should be intriguing to watch. One piece…


The App magnet wars

Fridge magnets from Jailbreak Toys – quite cute and they reminded me of some similar magnets I bought about 11 years ago at the now defunct Microsoft Store in San Francisco. hat tip to LikeCool


Changing perception on release cycles

  Steve Levy’s article in last months Wired US, How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web is a fascinating read. It gives a great insight in to how Google works and just how much happens the moment after you enter a search term and hit the enter key. There are a number of references to Bing…


Microsoft Project Gustav

Microsoft Paint you have served us well but step aside, Gustav is in the house. Another video from Microsoft’s TechFest, shot by TechCrunch   Project Gustav is a realistic painting-system prototype that enables artists to become immersed in the digital painting experience. It achieves interactivity and realism by leveraging the computing power of modern GPUs,…


Microsoft and cloud interoperability

[click image for full size version]   The cloud is everywhere – literally, but also in the mainstream press as well as the IT press these days. We all use it with no real concern for the technology going on in the background though I’d argue that will come under the spotlight more and more…


The cloud in Europe – challenges and opportunities

In the last hour, Brad Smith, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Microsoft gave a speech titled “Technology leadership in the 21st century: How cloud computing will change our world”. It follows a similar speech he gave last week in the US about building confidence in the cloud. In that speech, he made some…