Microsoft lines up

I left the Bellevue mall at 11am and still there were HUGE lines to get in to the Microsoft Store that opened 90 minutes earlier. Impressive stuff. There were a ton of Microsoft staff around – I bumped in to quite a few old friends and a lot of our exec team were watching KT…

Black Friday at the Microsoft Store

This whole Black Friday thing is a curiosity for us international folks but over in the US of A, the Microsoft Store has a number of special offers some of which are really quite impressive. See below Free three-month subscription to Xbox LIVE when you buy an Xbox Elite Console—or get 30% off selected Xbox…

Microsoft Store visit

I got the chance to call in at our Mission Viejo retail store last week on the way home from the PDC. It’s about 45 minutes from downtown LA (traffic depending) and I couldn’t miss the chance for a visit. What did I think? Pretty impressive. Okay so it looks a lot like the other…


Microsoft is open for business at Mission Viejo

  Microsoft’s Mission Viejo store is open for business. Next stop, London….I wish! Bummed we don’t have a Seattle store as I wanted to check our retail stuff out last week. I had to make do with a visit to the Apple Store and left empty handed though I was impressed with the new magic…

What does it look like inside a Microsoft Store?

Don’t expect screaming crowds every day but wow, that video wall looks amazing. A second video shows Kevin Turner opening the first Microsoft Store and some stills of how it looks.


First glimpse at the Microsoft Store

  Glowing signage at the first Microsoft Store – opens later today. Meantime, staff have been giving out Zune HD’s to the first in line at Scottsdale.

Microsoft Stores opening this week and next

there you have it. first store opening to coincide with the Windows 7 release date and the second coming the following week. Only wish they were in Seattle where I’ll be next week follow MicrosoftStore on Twitter and check out Mission Viejo and Scottsdale

Microsoft Store: now hiring

  Microsoft is now hiring staff for the first two retail stores in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California as reported by TechCrunch today. The basic outline:   We’re looking for new store employees who love technology and teaching and helping others.  In particular, we’re looking for people with technical backgrounds who can help customers…

First shot of a Microsoft retail store

The official Microsoft Twitter account tweeted on Friday about the first “image” of Microsoft retail stores in Scottsdale and Mission Viejo. The twitpic has a number of comments asking when one is coming to the UK. I have the same question 🙂 Actually I’ve been thinking about this over the last few weeks – about…