Windows Live Messenger + Facebook chat = 800m social

  Chris Jones just did a post on the Inside Windows Live blog about todays beta refresh of Windows Live Essentials. The big news is Messenger now supports Facebook chat. You still get the Facebook social integration you may have seen in the previous beta but now you can directly chat with Facebook friends inside…


Windows Live Essential hits beta

A comment on my blog post this week about Messenger for iPhone asked when a beta of Windows Live Essentials (aka Wave 4) would be ready. The answer is real soon….tomorrow in fact 🙂 Get Windows Live Essentials beta tomorrow from this link The beta includes the new version of Messenger you may have seen…


Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

Windows Live Messenger is now on iPhone in English and French for the US, Canada, UK and France. You can grab it from the iPhone App Store. I think they’ve done a pretty good job on the UI. What you reckon? Also some good SkyDrive integration for handling photos.


Faking it with Windows Live Photo Gallery

  I was intrigued this morning by a tweet from Michael Arrington where he said “saw something pretty amazing at Microsoft today. very pleasantly surprised”…I see impressive things all the time but for Michael to say so got me interested. His latest post Microsoft Rolls Out Impressive Enhancements To Windows Live Essentials Suite held the…


Twitter Blackbird Pie Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Twitter Blackbird Pie Plugin for Windows Live Writer than a minute ago via APIsteve claytonstevecla Scott Lovegrove really is a damn fine chap and he churns out the best plugins for Windows Live Writer. Last week I casually suggested a plugin to make Blackbird Pie, Twitter’s active quote service, available as a plugin. Hey…


Windows Live Messenger on iPhone

A demo from last week’s Next Web conference by my buddy Angus Logan. I’ve not seen the app myself yet but it looks pretty decent – meanwhile, I am stoked about Messenger on the PC. The social integration is outstanding. I played with a little when I first installed but having got back in to…


Windows Live Messenger Preview announced

[the new social view for Messenger] [updated – my mistake, the bits are not quite baked enough for release yet. We’ll be releasing this to a limited number of individuals externally in the very near future, before expanding to a broader public beta, and finally to the full public release.] The Wave 4 version of…


over 4.5 billion photos a year are shared via Windows Live Messenger

I mean to post this a few weeks back and found it lingering in my drafts….which is handy as I have never been so busy at work so not getting much time to read stuff at the moment, let alone think about posting new content More interesting stats from the Inside Windows Live blog. This…


More than 300 million people in 76 countries and 48 languages use Messenger every month

Wow. That’s quite a stat…when people say to me that Microsoft is new to this whole cloud thing, that’s what I’ll respond with. I have to confess for a while I wasn’t sure about calling existing services like Messenger and Hotmail “cloud services” but they genuinely are and it feels a little like the terminology…


Running those 1.3 billion Hotmail inboxes

  Arthur de Haan’s post back on Dec 22nd made for interesting reading purely regarding the scale of Hotmail. We are a worldwide service, delivering localized versions of Hotmail to 59 regional markets, in 36 languages. We host well over 1.3 billion inboxes (some users have multiple inboxes) Over 350 million people are actively using…