How do you make the worlds best webcam?

You get a bunch of smart people together and tell them to go do what they do. This short video shows you some of the folks behind the Microsoft LifeCam Studio. Is it the world’s best webcam? Well that’s for you to decide but I think it’s an outstanding product – beautifully engineered and it…


Flexible phones from Nokia

Maybe in the future..a Nokia collaboration with Cambridge University. Could make for some interesting technology built in to clothing perhaps.


Augmented mobility

I quite like this idea – a companion device to your phone that lets you control your tunes, read Twitter and Facebook notifications etc. It’s all Android based no not coming to my world anytime soon (I’m a dedicated Win Phone 7 man now) but cool all the same. It’s 1.3 inches and connects via…


Are thumbdrives going floppy?

Much as I like the design of the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it USB Drive, I’m not going to buy one. In the past I would have snapped one of these up. I almost did a post last month when I saw the device had won the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ 2010 award…


Supermodel thin Dell Vostro

A pal asked me for a laptop recommendation this evening and I have to confess I haven’t been keeping up since with the hardware land since I arrived here in the US. No bother though, a quick check over on the Windows Team blog brought me right up to speed with Ben’s post on back…


Of mice and…mice

After a few weeks of using the Arc Touch Mouse I decided it was high time I posted a review. Stephen Williams’ NY Times post that included a review of the Arc Touch alongside the Air Mouse Elite reminded me. I’m a big fan of the Arc Mouse so was keen to see what was…


Unlock your hotel room with smartphone

InterContinental is about to start allowing guests to unlock their hotel rooms with smartphones. “More and more of our guests — especially Gen Y and business travelers — are looking for simpler, more efficient ways to check-in and get to their rooms,” said Bryson Koehler, senior vice president of revenue and guest technology, IHG. Call…


Lenovo Power Hub

Some smart thinking by the boffins at Lenovo brings us the Lenovo Power Hub. A power adapter that includes a 4 port USB charging unit. $74.99 is a bit hefty and the unit itself looks a bit hefty…but smart thinking. 


Fingers that measure

I’m not so sure about this concept called Smart Fingers. Wouldn’t it be just as fast to use a tape measure? Okay, I can see some uses and the fact that the data is transferred to your PC automatically is groovy but what happens if you’re measuring 15 different things? How does your PC differentiate…