World Usability Day at Microsoft

World Usability Day is November 11th and we’re hosting an event here at Microsoft Campus in Redmond, focused on the theme this year – communication. We’ve divided that into 3 sub themes: people, user interface, and technology. I’ll be there…and will report back. has all the details Tweet


Thinking Digital 10 recap

I was going to do a long post telling you how brilliant I thought Thinking Digital was this week in Gateshead here in the UK (it’s our version of TED really) but I’m a known fanboy of the conference and Herb Kim so I’ll leave it to Alison Gow of the Liverpool Echo and my…


Thinking Digital–Day 1 recap

[image credit: David Coxon] Wow, what an epic day at Thinking Digital here in the North East of England. After a very fine evening of dinner and discussion with a great gang I rolled out of bed, crossed the Tyne and settled in for a day of mind expansion. That’s what TDC10 is all about…


Gartner Fellows interview with Ray Ozzie on Cloud Computing

Just over a week ago I was sent the Gartner Fellows Interview With Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie on Cloud Computing. It’s a great read with Ray’s usual style of giving intriguing answers to tough questions about Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy. I asked our folks in Redmond if this would be released publicly which it now has…


PDC09 photos

My Flickr set for PDC09 photos . Yesterday was a pink day…with fine coffee at Toast


PDC09 brain strain

  I’m back in LA this week for our Professional Developers Conference – a time to catch up with some friends from Redmond, press friends and customers and partners.  It’s also a time to fill my brain with tech talk and I’m looking forward to sessions on Azure and SharePoint in particular. I’ll be tweeting…


Caption contest

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while but a big thanks to Matthew Poyiadgi and the team at CompTIA for inviting me to close their annual conference at Ascot last week. I went along at talked about social media, cloud computing and the showed the Microsoft 2019 video which always gets people…


Windows Azure World Tour

  On October 6th we have David Chappell in London to talk about Windows Azure. David is Principal of Chappell & Associates and a prolific speaker, author and consultant. He’s been the keynote speaker for many conferences and events on five continents, and his seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of developers, architects,…


I just had Gordon Brown in my living room

Wow…I never thought I’d be blogging here about Gordon Brown but having just watched his talk from TED in Oxford earlier this year I was genuinely moved to do so. During some media training I did (I know, it failed) a few years back a journalist from the BBC told me that Brown was the…


TED player

I’ve been a fan of the work of for a long time and recently went back to try their Blu client for Twitter again. I’m still not totally sold on it and it as it doesn’t have basic stuff like window resizing or colour options. Oh well, I found something equally beautiful and as…