Traffic in the Cloud with Azure, Bing Maps, DeepZoom

A very nice mashup of Bing Maps, DeepZoom and traffic cameras that uses Azure to do the background work. Traffic in the Cloud and provides a rich interactive location twist on public webcams throughout the world along with the ability to add your own cameras Check it out at

Web Trend Map 4 with DeepZoomPix

PhotoMetadataUrl=, Oliver and the guys are Information Architects have done an amazing job again with the Web Trend Map, Now in version 4 which you can see above using DeepZoomPix Or check out

DeepZoomPix from Microsoft: Explore Photos Like Never Before

  Regular readers will have seen me post before about Silverlight, Azure and our DeepZoom technology….but never altogether, until now. DeepZoomPix is a demonstration of these 3 technologies combined. What’s more, it’s something you can play with now to interactively explore and share your photos like never before. Thomas Hawk should be all over this….


Mardi Gras 2009 – The Sydney Morning Herald

My pal Chris Bright alerted me to The Sydney Morning Herald taking Silverlight to the Mardi Gras down under. Very cool use of one of my favourite technologies – DeepZoom. Oh and pretty nice IE8 integration too – hit “i” when zooming in for some cool web slice integration.


Why Everyone Online Store Should Have Seadragon Ajax

  Interesting to see the Live Labs guys still using the name Seadragon which is knows as DeepZoom when in Silverlight. Anyway, Gary pointed me to his pos “Software on a Cloud” today which talks about yesterday’s announcement that you can now embed that DeepZoom goodness direct in to a web page – Seadragon Ajax….


Four Lads That Shook The World

Back in my hometown of Liverpool there is a small plaque that I love. Every time I pass it a huge smile crosses my face. It has 4 mopheaded boys with the epitaph “Four Lads That Shook The World”. Unsurprisingly, it’s The Beatles and it sits at the top of Matthew Street not far from…

A Website Named Desire

  You already know how much I love Deep Zoom and I’m loving from Shane Morris – it’s a poster dedicated to the organized chaos of the design and development world. There are some gems of design hidden in here. Follow it on Twitter and grab a real copy of the poster. Hat tip…


Another DeepEarth Demo

Okay, I posted about the DeepEarth  demo last week and things have moved on already. This is just too cool for school. Awesome work. Get full details on the IDV blog.

Renault goes DeepZoom

thanks to Adam Kinney for pointing this out via Twitter – Renault’s new Laguna Couple site using Silverlight and DeepZoom. Tres bien. I’m getting the sense that along with the NBC Olympics coverage that will use Silverlight, the DeepZoom technology is going to be the sleeper tech that will drive some significant adoption of Silverlight….


I’m Gobsmacked

@JamieT told me to go here. I did….my jaw hit the floor.