BobMu talk cloud

The Wordle cloud from Bob Muglia’s keynote at the Microsoft Management Summit last week. Cloud centric as you would (hopefully) expect. Bob’s day 1 keynote is now available on demand…I’ll get around to watching it next week but I like the “Minding The Gap” catchphrase 🙂


Windows Intune – Microsoft’s latest cloud service

  The latest Microsoft cloud service broke cover today as Windows Intune went in to beta. In short, Intune provides cloud based PC management including anti-virus, patch updating and more. The admin console is shown below and it’ll be a familiar experience for anyone who has seen Microsoft Online (or BPOS). The Top 10 list…


Microsoft’s Data Center in a box…more details emerge

Welcome to Microsoft’s data centre evolution (previously called the “Generation 4 vision”). As earlier videos have shown, we’re heading towards the pre-manufacturing every part of the data centre: the IT, mechanical and electrical components as part of Pre-Assembled Components that we call an “ITPAC.” We placed one of these outside the University of Washington recently…


A Yottabyte you say?

[credit: The Economist]   A lot is the answer as noted above in The Economist. They had a great special report a couple of weeks back on the enormous amounts of data we’re now creating in the digital age. For someone who remembers 5 1/4 inch floppy disks and loading computer games of an audio…


Windows, Windows Phone and XBOX + cloud & Visual Studio= cross platform gaming

Wow, two coups for TechEd MEA – they get Eric Rudder to present AND they get a pretty impressive demo from Eric of a single game running across a Windows 7 PC, a Windows Phone 7 Series device and XBOX 360. The unspoken part of the demo is the cloud of course and the fact…


Ballmer says Microsoft is “all in” with the cloud

  [updated post] Steve Ballmer spoke at the University of Washington this afternoon on Microsoft and the cloud. He spoke for a little over an hour with some Q&A at the end and included demos of BingMaps (by Blaise of course) Sky Player on XBOX. He touched on almost every aspect of Microsoft’s business and…


Microsoft Cloud Services website is live

  In about 5 minutes, Steve Ballmer will take the stage at The University of Washington to talk about Microsoft’s cloud services. In conjunction with that, we have a new Cloud Services website that has gone live today with a very easy to remember URL – There’s plenty of info up there now about…


More than 300 million people in 76 countries and 48 languages use Messenger every month

Wow. That’s quite a stat…when people say to me that Microsoft is new to this whole cloud thing, that’s what I’ll respond with. I have to confess for a while I wasn’t sure about calling existing services like Messenger and Hotmail “cloud services” but they genuinely are and it feels a little like the terminology…


Cloud security whitepapers

  I just noticed Roger Halbheer has posted a couple of new whitepapers on Cloud Security that are not the usual techno megafest – these are more targeted at the executive summary level. The first paper is written by Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing organization and is a high-level overview of the Cloud and its security opportunities…