Supercomputing from your desktop

When I was back in college, the Cray supercomputer was a mythical thing – not least as it looked like a fancy park bench – but power has always been good in computing. Speed wins they say….but it’s not all about speed. A lot of the time it’s about access. If you want to get…


New Windows cloud ad sports Dell Inspiron Duo

The latest Windows cloud ad includes the forthcoming Dell Inspiron Duo – YouTube version is also up and CNet has more. Tweet


Yay cloud

One of the new ads – I REALLY like the Windows Live Photo Gallery one but can’t find it online yet. Tweet


The fastest cloud out there?

Foresight is a gift some folks have so when our executives decided to give the go ahead to plunder a few billion in building out some datacenters a couple of years back, many of us looked on thinking “what the….” Those datacenters house Microsoft’s cloud services such as Microsoft Online, Bing and Azure and it’s…


Reflecting on the cloud

I just listened to Bob Muglia’s keynote from our WorldWide Partner Conference and it’s one of the best keynotes I have seen in while from Microsoft. In particular, the section on the Windows Azure Appliance and how customers like eBay and partners like Dell are taking Azure in to their data centers. It really helped…


Windows Phone 7 gets cloudy

Aaron over on the Windows Phone blog published a post yesterday that is getting a good amount of coverage, most notably around how Windows Phone 7 will connect to the cloud. As Aaron mentioned, the Windows Phone Live companion site will give people a central place to see pictures they’ve published, view their Windows Live…


The rise (and rise) of the cloud

As you know, I’m an infographic junkie and the cloud was my old job so I love this one from GigaOm. Click on the image for he full scale version. I’m disappointed to see Azure down at 14 in the list of major cloud providers but there’s no indication of how that ordering is done….


Microsoft Office is now on the web

You may have heard about something called Office Web Applications over the last few months. If not, just think of it as Microsoft Office delivered through a web browser – okay, it’s not full blown office but it’s unquestionably Office and it looks very familiar. This sort of familiar All you need to do is…


Talking cloud services

I’ve given a few “cloud” talks lately and talked about Microsoft’s experience with cloud services, including Hotmail. Initially it struck me as odd to call Hotmail a cloud service as I’ve always just thought of it as email in the same way I think of Bing (or Google) as search. I mean, they’re not cloud…


Microsoft won’t dominate the cloud…but

Rob Preston, VP and Editor in Chief of InformationWeek offers an interesting assessment of Microsoft’s cloud capability and closes by saying Microsoft won’t dominate the cloud — no company will … it’s just too big a place — but it will be the preeminent, most profitable player there in no time.   Bold words. Rob…