Breathtaking Automotive Photography

By a man called AlexP from the UK. I have no idea who he is but his work is truly stunning work.

SharePoint Drives Ferrari

My old chum Chris Parkes pointed out to me this week that I had somehow missed the news that Ferrari has launched their new website and it’s entirely built on Microsoft SharePoint. It’s a beautiful site and testament to the flexibility of SharePoint as a platform for Internet sites – it’s grown up a lot…

Audi Shark

Check out the Audi Shark – my Star Wars mad nephew just told me to trade in my motor to get one 🙂 Sadly not yet available as it’s the winning entry to a design competition sponsored by Domus Academy and Audi. The Audi Shark is the work of 26 year old Kazim Doku and…


Ferrari California

The new Ferrari California – if Maranello is doing blogger outreach I’d be happy to try one out – thanks.


Ferrari GT site

Like my pal Kris, I’m a big Ferrari fan and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new GT – to press my nose at the window and look at rather than buy sadly. I love their teaser website for the new car with a beautiful combo of engine sound with images. Sounds petrol head geeky…