Ferrari factory store

Wow…beautiful Ferrari Factory Store that’s nothing of course compared to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

A new classic

Dear Mr Porsche. Please send me an evaluation version of the car on the left above. Promise to treat it carefully and return it never. Meantime, try out the screensaver of the new, 911 Sport Classic.


Looking backwards for inspiration

Sometimes the past can influence the future to great effect. Inspired by the icon that is the 300SL Gullwing, Mercedes showed off the SLS last week. Funny how even without knowing the newer car is obvious. I’m not totally sold on the design but it’s definitely an improvement on the SLR.

458 Your time is up

The car is stunning on it’s own. The video makes it more so.

I want one of these

When I first saw this I thought it was a concept but no, it’s the real deal and the replacement for the Ferrari F430. Ladies and gents, the Ferrari 458 Italia has arrived. Check out more at I want, I need…really, truly I do.


Social Media: Jaguar 1, Aston Martin 0

  Jaguar launched the new XJ today in London – quite a thing to launch such a car in the current economic situation but that’s not what caught my attention. The fact that their PR folks were active and engaged on Twitter made me feel entirely different about what I would normally see as a…


My New Car…If Only

Some lunatic slammed in to the back of my BMW on the M4 motorway recently so I’m soon to be on the lookout for a new run-around car. It looks like Aston Martin may have the answer with their Cygnet. They’re partnering with Toyota to build this on top of the IQ platform. Two downsides…


Citroen GT leaps from Playstation to the road

  I noticed my pal Jason just blogged this too the Citroën GT has made an impressive move off the screen from the Playstation to the road. Citroen designer Takumi Yamamoto and the boss of Polyphony Digital  who make Gran Turismo,  – Kazunori Yamauchi decided it was time to put this beast on the real…

An R8 in Maranello

nice ad by Audi for the new R8 v10….though I doubt we’ll see one of these sold for $11.2m in 50 years.   hat tip to Chris for the Audi ad

Funky Ford Ad

I like the new Ford ad by Ogilvy. Watching at home a few nights ago I wanted to know which city it was filmed in and what the music was. Cue a quick internet search on the coffee table laptop and 10 seconds later I had my answer. Shot in Berlin, directed by Noah Harris….