Putting soul in to your products

Welcome to the most powerful naturally aspirated road car engine in the world today. A beautiful video that talks about the between engineering and design to build 77 one off cars. I love listening to Marek Reichman talk about the design – I met him a few years back in Vegas and he’s top chap….

TV advertising meets art

A tried and tested formula for a great ad – have lots of movement and chaos and then slow things down and overlay some opera music. Perfectly executed in so many ways. I’ve been posting a few adverts of late and what it made me realise is that the very best ads are really art…

Christmas wish list

Starting my Christmas wish list early this year. Ferrari 599 GTO….nice.


Microsoft and Ford collaborate on Hohm

Microsoft and Ford have partnered for a while on on SYNC for integrated in car communications and entertainment. Today that partnership gets extended with the announcement that Hohm, our online residential energy management service, will appear in future Ford electric vehicles and the two companies are working with utility companies on the project. The Focus…

McLaren MP4-12C runs Windows OS

I can feel the comments to this post already, pointing me to all those videos of cars with blue screens. Trust me, I’ve seen them. The chaps down at McLaren Automotive HQ’s in Woking, England are pretty serious about their engineering though so it may surprise you to learn that their new supercar, the MPC-12C…


La Passione

Stunning drawings by Tony Matthews – this one of a Ferrari F1 engine. Another below is a 1959 Ferrari Testarossa. What I love about these is the passion that goes in to drawing them oozes off the page. Tony is clearly a man dedicated to his work and it shows…craftsmanship like this is inspirational. The…


Schumacher in SLS AMG video

great video and the SLS looks much nicer than I expected.


Car choices

I still think I want a 458 Italia but the Aston Martin Carbon Black looks sweet.

Ferrari 599 China edition

The one-off 599 was hand painted by Chinese artist Lu Hao with a classic porcelain pattern of the Song Dynasty and has been auctioned off for $1.77 million. Wonder what happens when it crashes? Does it fall in to a million pieces to be put back together with Superglue?