Where to get your Clayton fix

  Greetings. You may have noticed that things have been rather slow around here for a while….apologies for that but it’s with good reason and there is a solution to maintain your geek fix. see below     Next at Microsoft is my main beat now…thanks to your support of Geek in Disguise over the…


I’m up for a Niney

Gosh…I’ve been nominated for a Niney!! Surprised and honored especially with the esteemed company in the category of favorite Microsoft Blogger. I’m up against Larry Osterman, Scott Guthrie, Mark Russinovich, Raymond Chen and Scott Hanselman. Seriously….me in the same group as these guys. I feel ashamed to call myself a geek. Nevertheless, I’ll be there…



What type of reader are you?   I’ve been trying to get a sense lately of the demographic of visitors to this blog (or feed) and in particular trying to understand who portion of my audience is made up for Microsoft employees. I’ve created a quick poll to get some indicative data and would appreciate…


Computer Weekly IT blog awards–voting is open

Gosh…nominated for a 3rd year running and though I’d be delighted if you voted for me, Paul Fabretti and Rich are both very worthy of your vote and have got mine. You can cast your votes over on the CW site. Good luck to everyone shortlisted Tweet


A blogging update

As I begin think about the evolution of my blogging/twitter strategy given the new job I’ve decided to try out moving some of the “snack” type posts I have previously posted here over to posterous. I had considered having them in both places but I realised I find some much of these info-snacks that I…


The Best F1 blog you may never have read

[image via Joe’s blog] Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog is not only the best F1 blog I have read but one of the best blogs I have read. Period. It’s like reading Arrington or Kara Swisher for the tech world. You know they’re on the inside though with his independent status, Joe can reveal more…



I’ve always been a big fan of Shawn Stussy – even more after he replied to my email last year about his new blog. Looking forward to the arrival of S/Double next month.


My Bloggers of The Year 2009

  After finding myself on Nicholas Bate’s list of Bloggers of The Year 2009 I decided it was high time I put together my own list of great blogs I read…so here goes SwissMiss – Tina finds the best stuff on the web and shares it. I copy and then share with you…you should go…


I won at the IT Blog Awards 2009

  Wow….2 years in a row!! I was very pleased to collect the winners award and bottle of champagne last night as my blog won the Individual IT professional male category at the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2009 thank you to everyone who voted for me and for continuing to read my blog. I’m…


Final voting for my blog

  We’re down to the last few days of voting in the 2009 Computer Weekly blog awards. If you like my blog and think it’s worthy of your vote I’d appreciate 30 seconds of your time to cast a vote. I’m listed under Individual IT professional male thanks in advance   Steve