Bing sweatshirt

Shawn Stussy…I love you work dude. I love even more that you called your new sweatshirt Bing. So much so, I just ordered one Tweet


Search goes social

Bing and Facebook – making search results more social. When you asked a friend for a pizza recommendation or what move to go see, you get a personalised result. Should your search engine work the same way rather than serve up the same 10 blue links that everyone else gets? If you think so, you…


Pin Windows blog and Bing in IE9

You’d expect the Windows blog to be tight with their comrades in IE9 and sure enough they are. Brandon did some work to make the Windows blog pinnable to your taskbar and the results can be seen above. Tres bien…you can do the same for your blog with the developer resources for IE9. Hot on…


Bing Treasure Maps

I’m probably way late to the game with this one but who else knew about Bing Treasure Maps? They make a nice change from all those direction maps you now get with Google Maps 🙂 You give Bing the location you want a map created from, jiggle a few settings and it creates you a…


Connecting the dots at Microsoft

One thing we know we can do a better job of here at Microsoft is connect the dots a bit better between our products. This new Bing advert does a decent job of that, showing some of the Bing services beyond such – such as Farecast – the services on mobile and Photosynth.  There is…


King of Bing Maps App Contest Winners announced

I’m a huge fan of Bing Map Apps – I think it’s a great platform for people to innovate on and the King Of Bing Maps App Competition has shown that. The winners have just been announced and the Taxi Fare Calculator from Ricky Brundritt took top spot – rightly so as it’s a simple…


Facebook Places using Bing Maps

| [image courtesy of Chris Pendleton] Big news on the web today (well, on Techmeme) is Facebook adding location to their service in the form of Facebook Places.   Starting today, you can immediately tell people about that favorite spot with Facebook Places. You can share where you are and the friends you’re with in…


Discovering Bing

I use Bing almost exclusively these days – there are moments when i drop back to Google but less and less. Besides, now I’m in Redmond you never know who is looking over your shoulder Seriously though, it’s testament to the work of our Bing team has done and I’d consider myself pretty well versed…


Bing home page image gallery

The Bing home page images have been one of the things people like most about Bing. I heard about a school in the UK who use the daily image as part of the education routine each day. Now the Bing team had made finding past images even easier with the Bing homepage Visual Search gallery….