Wonderful composite video

Lovely work from GE and similar from Nike hat tip to FlowingData Tweet


Killer artwork of The Killers

I remember having to do a detention essay back in school when I was 16 on pointillism…it was boring. I can’t tell you the reason for the detention…far too cheeky I was…but it’s no longer boring. The Killers IE9 website was art in itself but now I may have another reason to bolster my fledgling…


Every child is an artist

This is normally the type of stuff I would post over on my Posterous site – I moved a lot of the creative, art, random other stuff over there from this blog. In fact I have posted this one over there but decided to pose here too as I thought it was too good for…


Digital Cartography

I love maps and god bless the BBC for their documentary series on The Beauty of Maps. Sounds boring I know but check out the video…


TV advertising meets art

A tried and tested formula for a great ad – have lots of movement and chaos and then slow things down and overlay some opera music. Perfectly executed in so many ways. I’ve been posting a few adverts of late and what it made me realise is that the very best ads are really art…


Rockin’ Art

[plectrum by Patrick Thomas] I’ve become a bit of an art fan over the last year and two and decided a hat tip to my favourite gallery in London was long overdue. Nelly Duff on Columbia Road is a small but perfectly formed gallery with a terrific selection of art from Banksy, Eine, Nick Walker,…


Don’t be boring

nice find by Matt


Invasion coming

Cool…got myself an Invader #12 Invasion Kit. You may see these little plaques around the world from an artist known only as Invader. He played a pivotal part in the emergence of Mr Brainwash as chronicled in the recent movie by Banksy, Exit Through The Gift Shop.


Clever Illustration

Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam with some very clever illustrations. I love this one too


Star Wars in situ

Stunning collection of Star Wars images in situ from Cedric Delsaux