Visualising the Apple App Store

The amount of data we are subjected to every day is phenomenal. I’ve blogged about it before but have spent more time thinking about it following a recent conversation with Gary Flake. He pointed out to me the now fairly obvious fact that every time we do something, anything on the web or with technology…


Trouble in the valley

I really just wanted to share this great image from the NY Times today though the story it supports is pretty compelling too. The PR statements are priceless and a battle built on emotion as the NYT suggests this one is means not all decisions will be rational. Should be intriguing to watch. One piece…


Techmeme…the day after

I decided to run through Wordle on the day after Steve Jobs announced what is apparently “the most important thing I’ve ever done”. I’d bet he didn’t actually say that but if he did, he’d be happy with the fact that iPad is dominating the blogosphere if we use Techmeme as our barometer. Dig…


Cheat sheet: Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

  Nick Bilton/The New York Times A great chart from Nick Bilton in the NY Times today that shows which businesses Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo are in. What surprised me most is that only one row is unticked for Microsoft. We’re in a lot of business, some we do well in, others we have…


Microsoft does humour?

Is it just me who thinks The Independent has missed the point when Steve Ballmer holds up an HP slate and shows an apple on it? I mean seriously, is there any room for humour or is that only allowed in Steve Jobs’ keynotes? Thankfully Fortune has a sense of humour…


Google is an Internet company…

A pretty thought provoking post from Marc yesterday on Google, the Nexus One launch and the future of Google itself. There is a lot of hyperbole around Google, Apple, Android – some of it merited, some of it not but hey, it sells papers….or blogs. The iPhone and Nexus One are both fine looking devices…


Geek Spotting #2

  How to spot a geek #2 – they talk about Redmond & Cupertino rather than Microsoft and Apple


Jonathan Ive on Apple design

Jony talks design. His passion for the product shines through and I love his philosophy of getting design out of the way. funny to see him take his iPhone out of his pocket and wipe the screen with his t-shirt. Design flaw? 🙂


Stainless Steel Shuffle

For me, the Stainless Steel Shuffle is by far the coolest thing that Apple announced during their event this week. Nano’s with cameras? I’m not feeling it….but a Jonathan Ive classic design, that’s more like it. Still, I wont be buying one as I just pre-ordered my Zune HD with guaranteed delivery on Tuesday when…


Convert your iPhone

Another of those simple, elegant and downright useful apps for iPhone – Convert. I’m busy doing a lot of household chores right now with trips to IKEA meaning I have become quite familiar with their meatballs of late. This is the perfect app for all those pesky conversions. Likewise I was just checking specs on…