LeBron ad

Love the Don Jonhson cameo Tweet


Brother ad

Just saw this ad on UK TV and thought it was very cool. Reminded me of some tech I have seen around Microsoft Campus of late Tweet


The beautiful game

I love this new Sony Bravia advert…great use of music and I particularly like the little kid who does the complaining to the referee. Brilliant 🙂


John Lewis ad

I’ve not seen much UK TV for the last month so when two people within an hour mentioned this advert to me this morning, I thought I’d better go check it out. Very nicely done and great selection of music. thanks Jan!


FedEx ads

love these new FedEx ads…more at frederiksamuel.com


Nike Air Innovation

Nope, not a new Nike shoe but a clever and funny ad. I love the squealing Sharapova shoe. What I like about Nike is their innovation doesn’t stop with their products, it flows through everything they do. Their ads, their ability to spot potential endorsement protégés etc. They do “end to end innovation”. Much to…


A warm and woolly advert

What a beautifully warm advert. Aardgas.be by TBWA in Brussels


Mini adventure

Mini advert – presumably somewhere near Vancouver? from phantomcheg


Schumacher in SLS AMG video

great video and the SLS looks much nicer than I expected.