The Real Life Social Network v2

Thanks to Commander Farrell for sharing this one with me – by Paul Adams of Google. Reminded me of Danah’s work and lessons for us all in here. Social networks look easy because they are made to be easy. They’re just as hard as real networks though and need the same love, care and attention.


Social Media Counter

  The emails counter tucked in there is enormous…and the YouTube one is pretty impressive too!


7 harsh realities in Social Media

Very nice presentation…hat tip to my pal Michael for the share the summary? you get nothing for free…it all takes bloody hard work


Social Media Revolution Part Deux

A refresh of the original – based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualma. Some great stats in here – one that stood out for me is 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are linked to user generated content. If you’re one of them and not engaged in social media,…


Microsoft tops social media use

Note: I’m catching up on some posts that have been languishing in my drafts over the last week. Evidently all the social engagement at Microsoft has us top of a social media use survey by NetProspex. Is it a good thing or bad thing? I would say the former of course…Reuters has more info on…


Personally Embarrassing Information

PEI or Personally Embarrassing Information was a new acronym for me but one I instantly recognised and could differentiate from the more commonly known (at least in IT circles), PII or Personally Identifiable Information. In her keynote talk at South by Southwest 2010, Danah Boyd, gave what I expect will become an oft quoted and…


State of the Internet 2010

latest and greated stats that we all love. from Jesse Thomas