Microsoft Silverlight for Symbian now available

This one may have got lost in all the noise from MIX10 about Windows Phone 7 Series and Silverlight 4. Good to see Silverlight making it’s way on to Symbian and it’s now available for Nokia Symbian^1 device (S60 5th Edition) including Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini. Above are sample apps…


Deepzoom Sumatran tiger

Fauna and Flora International  is one of the world’s oldest conservation societies, (in fact it was one of the founders of the World Wide Fund for Nature). To help publicise their work (and to coincide with the International Year of Biodiversity’ and the Chinese year of the Tiger) the Shoothill team have created the Sumatran…


Michael Jordan jumps in to Microsoft’s cloud

  As a kid, that was the logo to have on your shoes (aka sneakers). I was a fully fledged Jordan fanatic and still have several pairs of the famous footwear. Some things never leave you I suppose….well, maybe apart from my ability to jump that is. Well our friends at Nike have a site…


Silverlight client for Facebook available

At the PDC, Brian Goldfarb did a great demo of a Silverlight 4 application for Facebook and it’s just been released for anyone to have a play with. You’ll need to install Silverlight 4 and note that this is a developer build so far from a polished, finished product but hey, when did that ever…


Space Diving with Silverlight

You may have heard about the forthcoming “space jump” by Felix Baumgartner – the Red Bull Stratos project. Felix will undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to 120,000 feet and then attempt a record-breaking freefall jump that is expected to reach – for the first time in history – supersonic speeds. Intrigued? You’ll be able to…


Scottish Government and Silverlight

  Some very cool Silverlight work by the guys at colaab to create SIMD – a portal for viewing Scottish Government statistics across income, employment, health and more. hat tip to Tim Heuer


Traffic in the Cloud with Azure, Bing Maps, DeepZoom

A very nice mashup of Bing Maps, DeepZoom and traffic cameras that uses Azure to do the background work. Traffic in the Cloud and provides a rich interactive location twist on public webcams throughout the world along with the ability to add your own cameras Check it out at


Sobees bDule – Silverlight 3 Twitter client

This new Twitter client from Sobees (it’s called bDule) almost passed me by until I saw a Tweet from @marcholmes about the new Silverlight 3 app. 2 minutes later I was installed, up and running and pretty impressed. Nice UI with some great features like Anti SPAM which I’ll more likely use to filter out…


Setanta Goes Silverlight

Hot on the heels of the IPL, another sporting channel goes with Silverlight with the news that Setanta launched its Setanta-i service. It gives you live and on demand channels, pay-per-view (PPV) events and a pretty large back catalogue. A pleasant surprise is there is some free content in there too – unusual for a…


IPL via Silverlight

Okay so my family think I’m turning in to my Dad with an increased interest in cricket but, well….whatever. Good news for us web types and many of my pals in Redmond is that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is available live on the web thanks to Silverlight. Ball-by-ball commentary, scoreboard updates, match schedules, team…