Tesco.com and Innovation

Paul Dawson’s long blog entry on the Tesco @ Home story, an exercise in innovation is worth a read for a few reasons: Paul is a very good writer and speaks in plain English It’s a good example of innovating your way out of the current economic climate He enacts Carbone’s Law – loyalty+experience=advocacy The…


Building the PDC keynote

Video: PDC 2008 Timelapse Just noticed this fun video from James Senior that shows a time-lapse of assembly and breakdown of the keynote room. 6 minutes of work for a few hours of keynotes. Well, more than 6 minutes but you know what I mean…


Killer Live Mesh Demos at PDC

  I agree with James that Jeremy Mazner’s session at PDC was one of the best – certainly the best I attended outside of the keynotes. I met Jeremy back when he worked on Tahoe (aka SharePoint) and he’s always delivered great sessions with great demo and humour. In this one he showed the potential…


Microsoft 3.0

What I believe you actually saw last week at the PDC, if you looked carefully, was Microsoft 3.0   The dust is now settling on PDC 2008 and more measured commentary is arriving. I’ve been waiting for this PDC for a long time and to see the reaction. I thought I’d give you my take…


Bye Bye PDC

and from here on, you shall be know as the Azure PDC


The Standard Has Your Back

Final few hours in LA – I’m hitting Santa Monica for the last hours of sun in the City of Angels. If I’m ever back I’ll stay at The Standard again. The staff aint the best but the place has a great sense of humour. I found the motivational speaker button too hard to resist….


The Blue Monster has a great 2nd birthday in LA

[Blue Monster PDC edition]  The PDC is winding down and it’s been a hell of a week. A week of so many coincidences for me. For a birthday week it’s been incredibly memorable. 5 years ago I was at PDC and also had my birthday here – I had dinner in the same place this…


A Platform for the Next Technology Revolution

Steve Ballmer lays out our Software plus Services announcements and ambitions in an executive email titled A Platform for the Next Technology Revolution. It’s a pretty solid read if you want to know what this S+S thing I rattle on about is all about. He explains it very well, especially the power of choice. Chris…


An Azure Grab Bag

I’m delighted to see Windows Azure on the BBC News Homepage today – hats off to my pal James Tutt and some fine work by Rory Cellan- Jones. They have one more trick up their sleeve I believe. As an avid BBC reader you will want to know more about Azure of course. Look no…


My Long Wait Is Over: Azure is here

Was it worth the wait? Well for me it was a weird morning…I went to sleep at 02:30 after writing a long email that goes out of out worldwide General Managers and a number of other people inside the business. The timing was crucial and I was editing at the last minute in the keynote…