Ray Ozzie…in words

A new post from Ray this morning….Dawn of a new day. Summarized above courtesy of Wordle. Still noodling on it as today is a mad sprint around campus for me chatting with Windows Phone guys, OEM team, Zune team and Ray’s team. Should be fun. Tweet


Ray Ozzie is back blogging

Tweet ….and he’s started with a corker of a post by publishing the Windows 1.0 Press Kit to Docs.com. His FUSE Labs team, led by Lili Cheng, are the team behind Docs.com so I expected they just got a good jolt of traffic from Ray’s post and shows one of their cool new features -…


Gartner Fellows interview with Ray Ozzie on Cloud Computing

Just over a week ago I was sent the Gartner Fellows Interview With Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie on Cloud Computing. It’s a great read with Ray’s usual style of giving intriguing answers to tough questions about Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy. I asked our folks in Redmond if this would be released publicly which it now has…


This Isn’t Your Grandfathers Microsoft

  Dan’l Lewin talked at LeWeb this week and whilst I thought Marissa Mayer from Google won the crowd over more, Dan’l had some interesting stuff to say. He talked about BizSpark of course which is an awesome offering if you’re a startup and want a tonne of nearly free ($100) software….more interesting to me…


O’Reilly Favours Ozzie at Tech Czar

  I almost missed this one on the BBC but a pal in Redmond pinged it to me – Tim O’Reilly suggesting Ray Ozzie as Obama’s technology czar. Lots of names have been suggested but it’s the first time I’ve heard Ray’s name for this post and Tim has more cred to make a suggestion…


Saving Microsoft: Can Ray Ozzie Fix the House that Bill Built?

The short answer: YES… I think so The long answer: Below….   Well here’s the article I have been waiting a couple of months for – Ray Ozzie on the over of Wired this month (edition 16-12). It’s still not hit the UK shores in hard copy but a friend kindly sent me a scan…


Ozzie at PDC: Services Services Services

I think Long already posted something similar but I wanted to add Ray Ozzie’s Day 1 keynote to my Wordle collection. Adds to a host of others I did a while back that show how consistent Ray is. This cloud is just Ray’s part of the talk – doesn’t include Amitabh Srivastava, Bob Muglia and…


Microsoft 3.0

What I believe you actually saw last week at the PDC, if you looked carefully, was Microsoft 3.0   The dust is now settling on PDC 2008 and more measured commentary is arriving. I’ve been waiting for this PDC for a long time and to see the reaction. I thought I’d give you my take…


The Ozzman Cometh

Ray Ozzie: Reflections on Azure Charles sits down to talk PDC, Azure and t-shirts with Ray. For those of you in the UK I hope you got to see Ray on the BBC News too!


The Ray Ozzie files #2

Back in March after our MIX08 event I wrote a post about Ray Ozzie titled “The Ray Ozzie files” and decided it was time for another instalment. Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a big fan of Ray as a technical visionary and someone who brings some overdue change to Microsoft – notably…