13 years at Microsoft. What’s Next


Today is my thirteen year anniversary at Microsoft and though 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number, today I feel pretty lucky. I’m about to start a new era where a hobby becomes my day job. Nope, I’m not leaving Microsoft but I will be leaving this blog a little.

A few hours ago, I hit publish on the first post on a new site called Next at Microsoft. As some of you may know, I moved to Seattle about 6 months ago and have been heads down working on a lot of things – this new site has been one of them. A lot of the type of posts you’ve seen here over the years will start to appear on Next at Microsoft. My job title these days is storyteller and this blog, which has been a hobby in many ways, is a big reason for the change. I have a passion for telling the Microsoft story and when the chance came up to turn that in to my day job, it was hard to resist. For 13 years I have resisted the pull of the mothership but the time and the job were right.

My days are now spent dashing around Microsoft’s offices here in Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle – as well as chatting with folks on the phone in our offices around the world – gathering stories about the people, products and places where they work. Next at Microsoft will be the place I post those stories so the frequency on this blog will go down as I focus my efforts there. As some of you know, I also have a Posterous site where I post the irreverent stuff I find on the web. That will continue.

I’d like to do 3 things

  1. thank you all for following, commenting and encouraging this blog. it’s never been a day job and at times has gotten me in to trouble (you know who you are), it’s won me awards and introduced me to some lifelong friends.

  2. invite you to Next at Microsoft and the associated twitter handle @MSFTNext. if you like what you read here, I think you’ll like my new home. I now have greater access to a lot more of the goings on here in Redmond so you’ll hopefully see some deeper insight in to that world.
  3. bring a friend with you – let your friends know about Next at Microsoft and to give it a read. no subscription fees, no penalty if they cancel their readership 🙂


When I walked through the doors of Microsoft UK 13 years ago, I was amazed I’d managed to bluff my way in and I’ve never looked back. Have I looked beyond Microsoft at times and thought about what’s next? Sure, everyone has I imagine but for me, right now What’s Next is Next at Microsoft.

Comments (8)

  1. robgray says:

    Congrats steve. An ideal job for u and I'm sure you'll make it a huge success… best of luck I look forward to reading it.

    Rob Gray

  2. david coxon says:

    It's been a pleasure to read the blog over the past few years (and post the odd comment), i'm looking toward to more of the same at 'next'. So long old blog and thanks for all the dye cut stickers.

  3. stevecla01 says:

    cheers Rob – much appreciated!

  4. Steve Lamb says:

    Congratulations Steve – I have enjoyed reading your stories, your vision and your diverse news of developments in the Microsoft partner ecosystem. Your new role sounds exciting.

    To the next chapter. Cheers!

  5. John Dodds says:

    you are the new scoble, albeit with a waist-line

  6. Max Beuker says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog a lot. Every evening i hoped a new blog entry was made. But no worry, will put next into my favorites and rss feed :-).



  7. Chris Rawlinson says:

    Good luck with the new site dear chap and glad all is going well in the US of A.

    All the best from Cape Town,


  8. Herb Kim says:


    Many congrat's on making it to lucky number 13 and of course big congrat's on your new blog and role at Microsoft. I must say your new news did remind me of an email I sent to you about 2 years ago in giving some thought about your blog. I said..

    "Re blog topics, what's clear is that Microsoft have a really amazing wealth of interesting, smart people doing interesting, smart things. You, Curtis Wong, Johnny Lee Chung, Blaise Agüera y Arcas are just the tiny few who I have come across by chance mostly due to TED and now Thinking Digital. I saw a short bit of the Chris Bishop TV shows you mentioned and thought that looked really promising too.

    Basically, you blogging on the interesting folks you work with or come across at MSFT is/would be hugely interesting. Who they are, what their story is, why they're at MSFT and of course the cool stuff that they work on. Commercial people as well as tech folks. Even the Chris Bishop thing would have totally passed me by had you not said something. Who has time for TV these days!"

    So it's obvious I was just one of many who saw your storytelling talent early on. Glad that the Jedi Council at MSFT realised you sported a high midichlorian count and put you in a role where you could really do some damage 🙂

    Best of luck and hope to see you soon.


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